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Premier E-commerce Store ‘Radio Shack’ To List Shiba Inu As Payment Method


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Online Store Radio Shack To List Shiba Inu (SHIB).

Shiba Inu (SHIB) can Be Listed on the Online Store Radio Shack. Premier e-commerce website ‘Radio Shack’ has taken to Twitter to express its possible interest in listing the Shiba Inu, the world’s second-largest meme coin (SHIB).

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Shib, one of the most committed communities, responded quickly in Yes.

@dream1Milli commented“At this point, is that even a question? Hell yeah!!”

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@MaximousDarwin Said: “Always a good idea to keep up with the trends, correct? Do it! List #shib!”

@CMRogers74 said: “The SHIBARMY welcomes anyone that wants to join our ranks. That would be a huge YES!”

RadioShack, originally known as RadioShack Corporation, is a retail company established in the United States in 1921 by two brothers named Theodore and Milton Deutschmann established a business that would later become known as Radio Shack with the intention of supplying equipment for the then-emerging area of amateur radio.

RadioShack, formerly RadioShack Corporation, became a Giant electronics retailer in collaboration with Tandy Corporation and now operates stores in the United States, Mexico, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. Outside of those territories, the company licensed other companies to use the RadioShack brand name in parts of Asia, North Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

As Reported By TheCryptoBasic, Bittrex, one of the oldest and well know US exchanges started Shiba Inu trading today.

How Shiba Inu Is Doing

The current price of Shiba Inu, which has decreased by 5.7 percent to $0.00001033, gives it a market valuation of $6.09 billion. In contrast to Bitcoin, Shiba Inu has a far smaller share of the market than Bitcoin does, namely 0.662 percent of the market share. However, Shiba Inu is a steady currency of the new era, while Bitcoin has been around for almost a decade.

According to the statistics provided by Coingecko, the value of Bitcoin has dropped by more than 30 percent in only one month, and its annual decrease is more than 42 percent. On the other hand, Shiba Inu has increased by at least 31.5 percent in value over the course of a single year and approximately 11 percent in a single month.

According to the data provided by the portal Coin98 Insights, approximately $600 million worth of shib coins were exchanged in the last twenty-four hours, with the Shiba Inu token seeing exceptionally high demand levels. There was around $332.6 million worth of volume traded in Shib, which was followed by $273.6 million worth of volume exchanged in Dogecoin, and $6.5 million worth of volume traded in Elon.

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