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Lady Apes Swing Their Way to Open Sea’s Top 10

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  • Lady Ape Club NFT collection has occupied a spot on Open Sea’s Top 10.
  • The quirky ape-themed collection has secured over 140 owners.
  • Launched days ago on the STRMNFT marketplace, Lady Apes have shot in fame.

The wildly popular Lady Ape Club (LAC) NFT collection has grabbed a coveted spot on Open Sea’s Top 10. Marketed as bringing sizzle to the dull life of the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), the inventive collection features female versions of the iconic Apes adorned in everything from leopard-patterned fur to metal band jackets.

With over 140 owners, the LAC collection has skyrocketed in acclaim since its launch last week. At the current floor price of 1.33 ETH, the highest amount paid for an item in the set stands at 4.7896 ETH.

Earlier last week, when the Lady Ape collection launched on the STRMNFT marketplace, 9,000 of them were sold out within mere hours. The record-breaking performance of the collection came as a surprise amid the gloomy market and the trudging economy.

For context, STRMNFT is a new platform created to expand the utility of NFTs to all types of users. The platform was officially launched last May and opened its first sale this July with 9,000 LAC NFTs.

So far, the LAC NFT collection has had 9,000 sold on STRMNFT, 90 auctioned on STRMNFT, 100 allocated for the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) holders, and 700 for auction on OpenSea, among others. Out of the 700 on OpenSea, 141 have been sold at the time of writing.

When the Bored Apes came out in 2021, people were divided over the unconventional style of art. Some hailed it as the future of culture, while others criticized the quality of the work. However, despite strong opinions, it is undeniable that NFTs and especially Bored Apes have become a cultural phenomenon.

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