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ADA Handle Partners Cardano Explorer to Aid Easy Understanding of Network Data 


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The duo wants to make blockchain data comprehension easy for everyone.

ADA Handle has announced that it has partnered with Cardano’s leading blockchain explorer, Cardano Explorer, to enable end users to easily comprehend data on the platform. 

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According to a recent announcement, ADA Handle intends to humanize users’ experience of navigating data on the Cardano blockchain. 

“ADA Handle […] is very proud to extend the functionality of the Cexplorer protocol by making it even easier for the end user to parse through data on the Cardano blockchain by being able to utilize the Handle lookup standard,” the company noted. 

ADA Handle also shared the development on Twitter yesterday, saying: 

“As the Cardano blockchain continues to grow, so does the information and data underlying the network. We are working to bring the Handle Standard to @cexplorer_io to make it easier to parse through data.” 

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ADA Handle to Solve Blockchain Data Complexity

One of the reasons why the growth of crypto adoption has not skyrocketed more than its current record is due to a lack of comprehension of blockchain data.  

Prospective investors mostly find it difficult to translate blockchain data. This lack of understanding has continued to mitigate the number of new investors entering the cryptocurrency space. 

ADA Handle wants to proffer a solution to the issue via its partnership with Cardano Explorer. The partnership will contribute to making the Cardano network friendlier for users compared to rival projects, ADA Handle noted. 

Cardano Explorer is a leading data analytics platform that allows Cardano users to understand the information underlying the network. Some of the information contained on the Cardano Explorer platform includes Transactions, Pools, Pool Operators, Epoch Rewards, Stakes, etc. 

While Cardano Explorer has been delivering digestible, complex information via its dashboard, ADA Handle noted that it intends to extend the data analytics platform functionality. ADA Handle is an NFT-powered naming solution for investors and developers’ that transforms Cardano addresses into a human-readable format. 

So far, a total of 132,185 addresses have been customized by ADA Handle. Since its launch, ADA Handle has partnered with top Cardano projects, including Nami Wallet, SundaeSwap, World Mobile, etc. 

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