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Binance Card Adds Support For Shiba Inu Enabling 60 Million Plus Merchants To Accept Shib As Payment


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Binance Card Is Now Supporting Shiba Inu (SHIB).

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Shiba Inu Twitter also shared the achievement.


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Binance Card users can now spend SHIB as Binance adds them to the list of supported coins.

Binance has been known to come up with pretty innovative ideas that work to both expand its market reach and improve its user experience. From creating apps, supporting DeFi staking, and now coming up with Binance Card. Binance Card has been a huge advancement, especially since it enables some of the most marginalized populations, like the Ukrainian refugees, to access its digital services and transact flawlessly amid increasing domestic pressures.

Now, the exchange has announced that it will be adding XRP and SHIB to the list of supported tokens on the Binance Card. This is a great step forward especially considering that the two tokens have gained massive popularity and adoption of late. This is despite the SEC accusations facing XRP.

The SHIB Community Is Excited

Following the announcement, the SHIB community appeared excited. The official Twitter handle of SHIB promptly announced the good news. The Binance Card will be available to SHIB fans and users across Europe.

With this new provision, SHIB users can now transact with the token at over 60 million merchant spots across the world. There’s also a special offer of up to 8% cashback with no annual or FX fees charged.  

The development comes after Milkshake, the Shib Marketing team official member, discussed Shib utility and growth possibilities with Binance.

Points To Note

According to the related announcement issued on the Binance website, there are a few rules to be adhered to by Binance Card users. At the moment, Binance Card is only available to users in EEA (European Economic Area) countries as well as Ukrainian refugees living in those countries. Also, users must have six priority tokens on their Binance Card, with the max number being 12 token choices.


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