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The Deputy Minister Of Digital Transformation Says Ukraine Should Launch A CBDC


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Alex Bornyakov is in support of a digital hryvnia.

In a four-tweet thread on Friday, Ukraine’s Deputy Minister Of Digital Transformation, Alex Bornyakov, argues that Ukraine has much to benefit from creating a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

“I believe Ukraine could benefit from launching its national currency on blockchain. CBDC as a new form of programmable monetary instrument can be a big leap toward digitalization of the state finance system,” Bornyakov asserts at the beginning of his thread.

According to Bornyakov, a digital hryvnia run on the blockchain can improve the cost and speed of transactions across the board. Additionally, he asserts that with a CBDC, Ukraine’s tax revenue could increase as tax gaps come to light. 

Other benefits outlined by Bornyakov include:

  • Improved transparency in public office transactions and records.
  • Ease of donation to rebuilding efforts with better transparency in handling these donations.
  • A potential strategic economic advantage.

It is worth noting that Bornyakov has been one of the more influential voices applauding the role of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in Ukraine’s war effort. As previously reported by The Crypto Basic, Bornyakov, in July, asserting that the crypto industry is here to stay, reiterated that digital assets remain critical to the country’s defense plans.

Notably, unlike other means of receiving donations, Ukraine can receive crypto donations within minutes. As a result, crypto donations played a crucial role in providing the required equipment and amenities needed in the early days of the country’s struggle against the Russian invasion.

While the launch of a CBDC would take Ukraine’s blockchain adoption one step further, it is also likely to spark privacy debates and possibly backlash from privacy advocates. It is worth noting that while CBDCs have the potential for certain benefits, privacy advocates do not support the idea of the central bank being able to watch or, worse, regulate how citizens spend their money.

Notably, several nations are already exploring the idea of launching a CBDC, including the United States, as China is already in the advanced stages of testing.

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