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Sad Girls Bar Founder Glam Beckett Brings Gothic PFPs To The Blockchain


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Already known for her unique, melancholic and eye-catching monochrome illustration and gothic designs, Glam Beckett’s art has gained a wider audience and made an impressive contribution to the NFT sphere with her groundbreaking digital art projects, Sad Girls Bar. It’s one of the very first women centered NFT collections of all time on Ethereum blockchain and one of the top collections on OpenSea.

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Sad Girls Bar is a collection of 10,000 hand-drawn and randomly generated NFTs that showcase sad yet strong girls with rebellious style and attitude. Skeletongues —  the second collection of the stylish skeletons created to support Sad Girls and always be their undead accomplices in exciting bar adventures. The Sad Cats —  the third collection, dedicated to the most loving and affectionate animals. There’s a whole world surrounding Sad Girls Bar, based on Glam Beckett’s art and story.

About Glam Beckett

Glam Beckett — independent female artist, her style is distinctive, confident and inclusive, with a bold, monochrome color palette and gothic aesthetics. The highlights of Glam’s art career are the one of the top NFT talent awards for ‘Draw The Undead’ contest by the prominent project DeadFellaz, and the showcase of her artwork in Time Square during the largest NFT event, NFT.NYC 2022. Her talent is highly valued in the NFT space; she was already granted membership in HUG, founded by Randi Zuckerberg, — a company committed to embracing Web3 creators and taking teams from the top artistic project to the creative accelerator. Glam was also recognized and granted artist membership for her creative achievements in UnicornDAO — the leading Web3 organization, creating equality for women-identified and LGBTQ+ artists, with Grimes, Sia and Beeple as early members.

Who are Sad Girls?

Glam Beckett is a notable artist and has significantly contributed to the NFT art field by creating an original collection, which helps to attract more women to Web3, and make them feel well represented and welcomed here. In the NFT space it doesn’t matter much what your everyday real life looks like. You can show a more authentic, raw self here, and still feel safe. Sad Girls might look vulnerable and sensitive, yet they’re confident enough to express themselves, explore emotions and entertain ideas that might otherwise be described as too dark, melancholic or mysterious.

As Glam Beckett describes this collection: ‘Sad girls have always been a popular topic in the media, from the meditative figures in the Middle Age paintings to the pop culture images today. Sadness as a central theme is fundamental to the aesthetic experience. Sad Girls represent a full spectrum of emotions and styles, from yearning to loneliness, blues to anger, boredom to disappointment to the realization that their personal growth is something to celebrate. They are here to fight toxic positivity that keeps flooding NFT space.’

In the NFT space heavily dominated by men, there are more and more women who are starting to get interested in crypto and NFTs, and they need a project where they might be represented and seen. Sad Girls don’t follow any beauty standards, and are an alternative to typical femininity and find personal ways to express their uniqueness. Glam’s influence on Web3 is undeniable — many women have already found their own Sad Girls PFPs that resonate perfectly with them, and let them portray themselves online exactly how they want. This monochrome, impactful art project has an extremely important mission which matters for representation and inclusion in the NFT community.

Sad Girls Bar is one of the top women-led projects in the NFT ecosystem. With Glam Beckett creative vision and talent supported by her teammates, and strong mission, Sad Girls Bar has been an undeniable achievement. All of the project’s collections — Sad Girls Bar, Skeletongues, The Sad Cats — have been sold, but continue to make the rounds on the secondary market. Many of Sad Girls Bar NFTs were included in portfolios of notable influencers, celebrities and women’s advocates. Among them Guy Oseary, the talent manager who represents Madonna, U2; Reese Witherspoon and her production company, Hello Sunshine; Nadya Tolokonnikova and UnicornDAO; and many other big names.

What’s next for Sad Girls Bar?

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Sad Girls Bar creates a safe space to express feelings without judgment and their thriving community offers support, virtual and IRL events, Metaverse experiences and much, much more. The art, the lore, the storytelling, the style and the vision, the shared sense of identity — all this matters and gives the NFT community a sense of purpose and belonging. Glam Beckett and her Sad Girls Bar collection will continue to be an inspiration for women around the world to create, express themselves, build and use all the opportunities within Web3.

Every collection created by Glam is a storytelling vehicle. Soon holders will have an opportunity to create their own story about Sad Girls and their bar adventures in the immersive Web3 experiment of Super NFT. Every Super NFT will include characters, settings and objects from the previous collections as well as new rare traits such as background, music, animation, and even full-body images of Sad Trios.

Glam Beckett says: ‘Super NFT launch lets Sad Girls Bar’s holders actively participate in the creation of an art piece and story behind it, and it can bring their NFTs to a whole new level.’

With a strong foundation and swiftly growing audience of Sad Girls Bar, Super NFT is poised for undoubted success.

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