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Zilliqa (ZIL) Unveils Its Blockchain-based First Person Shooter (FPS) Game


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The leading crypto project Zilliqa (ZIL) unveiled its blockchain-based first-person shooter (FPS) game. 

According to an official announcement today, the Zilliqa FPS game is dubbed WEB3WAR. The game is tipped to stand out from other blockchain-based games in terms of intuitive design and gameplay. 

Notably, WEB3WAR will be designed with beginners in mind, making it possible for anyone to play and enjoy the game. 

WEB3WAR Features

Unlike most recent blockchain-based games, Zilliqa game developers opted for a skill-to-earn approach instead of the conventional play-to-earn (P2E) gaming model.  

“This serves as the foundation for a more sustainable business model that allows players to win rewards in the form of customized items and tokens secured by the Zilliqa blockchain, depending on their level of skill. The better they play, the more valuable the reward,” an excerpt from the announcement reads. 

Per the announcement, WEB3WAR will feature five gaming maps, multiplayer support, cross-play support, and the ability to purchase in-game assets like customizable skins, helmets, and armor. 

More so, the game will be available for download on PC and smartphone devices. 

Zilliqa noted that the game would be available at zero cost free when it officially launches. However, users must make payments to access some seasonal components. 

Commenting on the development, Matt Dyer, Head of Growth at Zilliqa, said: 

“Web3War is a game designed to meet modern gamers’ preferences and offer them a fresh experience — by introducing the opportunity to earn rewards as they have fun. Our focus is on creating a game that has utility and the player’s enjoyment at its heart.” 

Interestingly, Zilliqa will be attending the upcoming Gamescom event, the world’s largest trade fair for video games, where it intends to showcase WEB3WAR. 

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