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Doge Founder Reportedly Rejects $14M Offer To Betray DOGE Community By Promoting Dogechain


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Marcus Applauded for Rejecting a $14M Offer to Betray Dogecoin.

Billy Marcus, the co-founder of Dogecoin, has been commended by Twitter users for rejecting a $14 million offer to betray the DOGE community and promote the shady project dogechain

“Billy was offered to get 10B DC from Dogechain to promote their project. That is, at the current price, 14 MILLION DOLLARS. @BillyM2k turning down this much money to avoid betraying your community is worthy of our deepest respect.”

The Twitter user, who goes by the username Vee, noted that Marcus did not accept the offer to betray the Dogecoin community for the money despite not being able “to buy a home for himself.” 

However, Vee said it is rare to see any Dogecoin influencers emulate Marcus’ loyalty to the meme coin project. Vee added that Dogecoin influencers betray the community to anyone to make quick gains “to buy houses, cars, boats, etc. 

Vee Added:

“But I had to remind people. While Dogecoin influencers are selling the community to anyone, buying houses, boats, cars, Rolexes… Billy, MORE VALUABLE than all of them COMBINED, is watching our backs while he can’t afford to buy a home for himself.”

Marcus’ Reaction

Commenting on the post, Marcus said it is hard to protect the DOGE community from anything because people have a mind of their own and are free to decide whatever they wish. He added that many people in the crypto space are focused on making money at any cost, including betraying the entire project. 

Marcus said:

“to be fair, I personally don’t think we can protect “the community” from anything since people are free to make their own decisions, and the huge majority of people in crypto couldn’t care less about anything but making money all you’ll see are things repeat themselves forever.”

Furthermore, Marcus said most crypto investors are gamblers and will do anything for the money. These so-called gamblers will always defend their decisions, which makes it challenging to convince them to do otherwise.  

“My only choice was that I didn’t feel right about encouraging people to do anything,” Marcus said. 

Marcus: It’s Not My Place to Encourage People to Buy Dogecoin

Marcus also noted that he does not think he has to encourage people to adopt DOGE. 

[…] I don’t even think it’s my place to encourage people to buy dogecoin,” Marcus said. 

For Marcus, it is appropriate for people to get a basic understanding of what they intend to do before they delve into it. 

“I just think people should understand what they are doing at a basic level, and then they are free to make whatever decision they want, dumb or smart,” he added. 


Marcus Committed to Protecting Doge Investors

While Marcus believes it is difficult to convince most influencers not to betray the community for cheap gains, he has always been committed to protecting the community from people perceived as bad actors. 

Earlier this year, Marcus threatened to sue famous crypto YouTuber Matt Wallace for planning to abuse DOGE’s trademark for his gains. 

Wallace wanted to launch a cryptocurrency dubbed Accept DOGE under the guise of promoting the widespread adoption of DOGE among top businesses. The development did not sit well with DOGE supporters and Marcus, who asked Wallace to change the token’s name or risk engaging in a legal battle with the Dogecoin team

Wallace was forced to change the token’s name to Accept Cryptocurrency (ACEPT). Unfortunately, it did not take long before a rug pull was carried out on the project, and its value plunged to nearly zero. 

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