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Lowest Ever Shiba Inu Weekly Burn Recorded Since Burn Portal Launch


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Lowest Ever Weekly Shiba Inu (SHIB) Burn Recorded Since SHIB Burn Portal’s Launch as 272.14 Million Shib Burned in the Past Week.

Interest in Shiba Inu burn has dropped significantly over the last week as the most potent Community in the crypto space just incinerated over 272.14 Million SHIB in the past seven days.

The SHIB Burn tracking website, shibburn.com, reported that the Shiba Inu enthusiasts sent a negligible total of 272,140,724 (272.14M) SHIB to the “inferno” addresses through 101 separate transactions in the past seven days.

This is recorded as the lowest Weekly SHIB Burn total since the launch of the official SHIB Burn Portal powered by Ryoshis Vision (RYOSHI). Before this, the lowest burn was back in June; the Community-led burn initiatives incinerated only 565,490,894 (565.49M) SHIB in that week through 74 separate transactions.

Overall, SHIB Burn Portal launched in April 2022 proved to be the BIG Success for Shiba Inu as it helped the most dedicated Community of the crypto space to reduce SHIB’s circulating supply by burning a gigantic total of 63,320,458,279 (63.32B) SHIB within five months of launch.

Top SHIB Burner of the Week:

1Cent, a community-oriented BEP-20 token deployed on Binance Smart Chain, is recognized as the Top SHIB Burner of the Week. As usual, 1Cent token organized its Weekly SHIB Burn Event on Monday, September 5th, and destroyed 41,459,612 (41.45M) SHIB in one significant transaction.

Past 24 Hours:

Shibburn.com also released SHIB Burn figures for the past day and reported that Shiba Inu Community burned 60,848,839 (60.84M) SHIB tokens through 12 separate transactions in the past 24 hours.

Top SHIB Burner of the Day:

Travis Johnson’s SHIB Super Store was among the Top SHIB Burner of the Day. The individual Community-led project has sent a healthy total of 50,704,939 (50.70M) SHIB to the “inferno” address in one significant transaction. SHIB Super Store claimed to burn over 1.1 Billion SHIB while using the official SHIB Burn Portal and helped Shiba Inu to reduce supply by nearly 2.9 Billion SHIB since November 2021.

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