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Dogechain Launches Dogegress, a Governance Platform For Projects on Dogechain


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Dogechain developers have launched a governance platform for Dogechain projects dubbed Dogegress.

The concept of community governance is one of the major highlights of decentralization. Community voting brings democracy to decentralized finance (DeFi) as it allows holders of an asset to have a say on projects built on the blockchain. Noting this, Dogechain seeks to give its community this privilege.

The launch was announced Wednesday by the Twitter handle for Dogechain – DogechainFamily. “Shibes, we have the pleasure to announce the launch of Dogegress, the dedicated decentralized governance platform for Dogechain projects.,” the handle noted in a tweet.


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As is traditional with governance tokens, at its initial stage of launch, the Dogechain team will present various development phases and projects of the network to the community for voting through the Dogegress platform.

“At launch, this platform will enable the Dogechain core team to propose governance votes on various development phases. This includes the upcoming Early Shibe vesting extension, using DC tokens.”

One such project is the Early Shibes Vesting Extension, whose voting process will mark the pilot of the governance platform. The community will have the opportunity to decide on whether the Early Shibes airdrop’s vesting period be increased from one year to four years or not.

Announcement of the Early Shibes Vesting Extension proposal is scheduled to come in on September 22 at 3 AM (UST). The Dogechain team has promised guidance on how to vote and provision of information regarding the conditions in due time.

As seen on the official Dogegress site, the option for making new proposals is currently greyed out as of press time. “Further down the road, the platform will also enable all project builders to create their own proposals,” the DogechainFamily handle mentioned.

Furthermore, all the tokens on the Dogechain network will be supported by the Dogegress platform. To this effect, the teams of other projects running on Dogechain will be able to make proposals for voting on their development phases as well.

Following its controversial launch, Dogechain appears to have taken a path of exponential growth. The Crypto Basic previously noted that the layer-2 network launched its unique naming service called “DogeNameService” on Monday.

Before the DNS announcement, the Dogechain team highlighted an outstanding feat that underscored the network’s surging adoption rate. According to the official Dogechain handle, as of September 5, transactions on the network had surpassed 15M. The achievement came three days after they announced a 10M milestone. These recent projects are likely to boost the network’s adoption rate further.

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