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Big Eyes Coin: The Next Crypto to Explode with Extraordinary Incentives to Dwarf Uniswap and Tamadoge’s Recent Offers


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Big Eyes Coin is the next big thing to storm the crypto space. Due to its big-eye-catching features, Big Eyes Coin is fast becoming a subject of interest to many crypto enthusiasts.

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Big Eyes Coin will be built on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a cat-themed meme project. It adopted the character of a cute cat to satirize a series of dog-themed meme coins. It is believed to be a reaction and an upgrade of existing meme tokens.

Inspired by the amiable attributes of a cat, the project will promote the circulation of wealth and the preservation of marine life.

Big Eyes Coin’ Luna Children Charity

Big Eyes Coin is devoted to helping others. It has initiated a protocol that rewards all members of its crypto community for their participation. It will hold regular events to reward active members and skilled NFT designers.

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Big Eyes Coin will also support many charitable organizations. It has set aside 5% of its ERC-20 tokens for this purpose. Big Eyes Coin also plans to make future donations to this cause.

Big Eyes Coin is already making these moves during its token presale. On September 8, 2022, it tweeted on its official Twitter page that it would donate to a charity organization.

It invited its community members to retweet the post within 48 hours and promised to donate $10 for each retweet. It also allowed its members to win $10k worth of BIG tokens.

At the end of the 48 hours, its ever-active crypto community had raised over $1000 for this organization. Big Eyes Coin successfully donated to the charity organization indicating the potency of its crypto platform.

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Uniswap Vs. Big Eyes Coin

Uniswap is a protocol that promotes community ownership. This platform enables holders of the project’s token to govern it.

Uniswap is an ideal hub for DeFi developers. It is a decentralized crypto project that offers asset accumulation, swap, and innovation in its ecosystem. The project’s native token is UNI. Holders of UNI have the eligibility to vote, trade, earn and build DeFi apps.

Similarly, Big Eyes Coin will thrive due to its intended social responsibility. The platform will promote constructive engagement.

Holders of Big Eyes Coin (BIG) will own the ecosystem and be eligible to propose operational policies for users’ satisfaction, engagement, and growth. In summary, these two cryptocurrencies promote community ownership.

Big Eyes Coin’ Offer, More Outstanding Than Uniswap’s

Uniswap protocol is famous for offering decentralized crypto exchange to ERC-20 tokens. It also offers several reward opportunities for its users to earn more money for providing liquidity within its DEX.

Big Eyes Coin’ will offer a similar reward opportunity through the Big Eyes Coin swap, a multi-chain swapping protocol. BIG token holders will also enjoy interacting with Uniswap, as 20% of its tokens will be locked in crypto exchanges.

Charity: Big Eyes Coin Will Offer More Than Tamadoge

No doubt, the emergence of Tamadoge has brought a decent significance. It is a dog-themed meme coin with TAMA as its native token symbol.

This meme project will be credited for advancing the scope of Play-to-Earn (P2E) arcade games. It is set to provide exhilarating gameplay and incentives.

Big Eyes Coin offers more than Game-Fi services. It intends to touch the lives of its community members by enriching them and helping fix the environment.

While Tamadoge is boasting of offering $100 000 TAMA to the public, Big Eyes Coin is offering a whopping $250 000! A user only needs $50worth of BIG to participate in a draw.

Tamadoge Vs. Big Eyes Coin Twitter War: A Cause of Urgent Concern

Twitter has been agog with the rivalry between Big Eyes Coin and Tamadoge. Carl Dawkins, Tamadoge’s Head of Growth, has been throwing jabs at Big Eyes Coin on Twitter.

This battle of supremacy is generating reviews and constructive debates among crypto enthusiasts. Tamdoge’s Twitter rants prove that Big Eyes Coin’ emergence is staging a real competition. Further, Tamadoge is indirectly accepting Big Eyes Coin’ supremacy. Indeed, there is no rant but reality.

How to Buy Big Eyes Coin Token

Your first step in joining the cat community is tapping into its presale. It would be best if you funded an ERC-20 token-compatible wallet with BNB, ETH, or USDT.

Visit the presale wallet via https://buy.bigeyes.space/. Fill out a form and indicate how much Big Eyes Coin token you want to buy. Approve the transaction to validate your purchase.

Everyone stands a chance to benefit from this crypto project. Big Eyes Coin will offer its cat community captivating features. Do you want to get started? Click the presale link below to get started.

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