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Explore Trading with Minimal Taxes on Coinbird

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Even though cryptocurrency is such a volatile asset, many investors choose to trade it. Trading cryptocurrency can provide better returns than traditional investments if you can time the market correctly and choose a suitable protocol.

Trading mechanisms and protocols may differ, but users can now choose one that is thought out especially for trading, emphasizing fairness. Coinbird is a new protocol whose official ERC20 token was deployed on Ethereum on September 13th,2022, to simplify trading.

What is Coinbird?

Coinbird is a freshly launched crypto project created by “Gustav the coinbird”. Coinbird’s protocol aims to create a fair and easy-to-trade cryptocurrency free of heavy taxation by stripping away any complex or unnecessary architectures.

Also, it has excellent potential through its new vision and the desire to expand the cryptocurrency environment. It deployed the BIRD token and minted NFTs on the Open Sea. Recently, a unique voting DAO smart contract was deployed for BIRD owners. Soon, they also plan to create games on-chain and list the Coinbird token on centralized exchanges.

How does the BIRD token work?

When we start to research a new token, we need to pay attention to what makes it unique and what are tokenomics. The principal detail that makes BIRD unique is the simplicity of trading it, which only limits each transaction to low fees. Moreover, BIRD puts an accent on decentralization and safety. Coinbird states that the token can be traded as decentralized and safe as possible.

If most tokens are launched with a presale, BIRD didn’t, and the owners burnt through all the liquidity they initially provided. No tokens were pre-allocated to anyone because the launch was entirely fair.

The tax on purchasing and selling BIRD is 1% and cannot be changed. If users are ready to try, they can also trade up to 40,000 tokens in a single transaction.

The deployed BIRD token code is 200 lines long and can be viewed publicly at: The protocol is constantly evolving. Still, the principles that govern each aspect are straight: simplicity in the written code and complete transparency along the way.

Coinbird recommends going through all the documents needed and the Etherscan transactions made publicly before investing. All the required information can be found on the official website and Coinbird’s Twitter.

About the Coinbird NFTs

Coinbird also proposes a set of artwork NFTs, where each painting is limited to one piece. The message behind this NFT collection is to explore the unknown realms through the mystery of these creatures.

CoinBird NFTs
CoinBird NFTs

The collection of one-of-a-kind paintings was created especially for the Coinbird ecosystem by international artists in various styles. All images are inspired by creatures from nightmares and addictive dreams, friendliness in places of pure terror, unwelcoming environments, quirky coinbirds, and unknown existences. Amateurs and NFT fans are invited to explore the new NFT collection on Open Sea.

Stay tuned

Coinbird offers a new outlook on trading because new traders can easily approach it. The project aims to be easy to understand for all users, with advantages and perspectives for development.

New and fresh projects need a community to help them grow as beautifully as they started. Stay up to date with news on the project’s official website, Twitter and Telegram.

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