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Trending on Reddit: Terra Founder Reportedly Given North Korean Citizenship

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Kwon’s location is still unknown as rumors continue to heighten.

With the whereabouts of Do Kwon, the CEO and founder of TerraForm Labs (TFL), still unknown to authorities, many have debated where one of the most wanted men in the crypto world could be hiding.

The manhunt for Kwon intensified in the past week after the international policing organization Interpol issued a red notice for Kwon. However, since the red notice was issued, Kwon has still not been arrested by international law enforcement agents. 

The whereabouts of Kwon have become a major topic of discussion on various social media platforms, including Twitter and Reddit.

Is Kwon Now in North Korea?

At the moment, there is a post on Reddit claiming that the Terra boss was allegedly smuggled into North Korea from Singapore, which has made it difficult for the international policing organization to apprehend him. The post has continued to attract several reactions, including over 300 comments.

According to sources, the Terra boss was given North Korean citizenship in exchange for his expertise in crypto and blockchain. Notably, Kwon would help the North Korean government build a blockchain ecosystem.

“Do Kwon has allegedly been ‘spirited away’ into North Korea. In exchange for his blockchain expertise and to create a unique ecosystem for North Korea, he’s been given citizenship,” a Redditor with the username u/Woowoodyydoowoow said. 

Sources claim that Kwon was smuggled to North Korea after taunting victims of the Terra collapse. Additionally, upon his arrival in North Korea, sources also alleged that Kwon had continued taunting the country’s farmers for being poor. 

Another Redditor confirmed some of these claims, saying some of his friends currently living in North Korea have been in contact with a man in Pyongyang who has been making a similar comment. 

“Heard from my North Korean buddies on Runescape (gold farmers) that there’s a guy in Pyongyang walking around saying ‘have fun staying poor’ to everyone he passes by and when they try to respond, he says, ‘I don’t debate the poor. Continue in poverty ser,’ before walking off,” a Redditor said

Kwon’s Location Still Unknown

There is still no confirmation that Kwon is currently in North Korea or has been made a citizen of the country. Currently, global authorities have intensified the manhunt for Terra’s boss after South Korean prosecutors issued an arrest warrant for him for allegedly violating the country’s capital-markets laws.

Kwon’s location is still yet unknown. However, Kwon and his company have continued to deny reports that he is on the run.

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