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Ripple Operated Validators On The XRPLF Unique Node List (UNL) Reduced To Two


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XRPFL makes changes to its UNL, reducing Ripple-owned validators to 2 while welcoming a new validator to the list.

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The number of Ripple-operated validators on the XRP Ledger Foundation UNL has been reduced to 2 as the XRPLF announced changes to the list in a tweet on Thursday welcoming xSPECTAR to the list.

The UNL is a list of validators trusted to exhibit high performance and not to collude based on antecedents. Notably, each server operator can choose their own UNL. Usually, this choice is based on a default list provided by a trusted publisher. There are currently 3 main publishers for server operators to choose from, Ripple, XRPLF, and Coil.

Per the blog post accompanying the announcement, xSPECTAR has been added due to its contributions to XRP Ledger infrastructure. Notably, the validator is known for maintaining excellent uptime.

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With the latest changes, the XRPLF UNL remains at 35 validators. Per the post, the XRPLF reduced the number of Ripple-operated validators in line with its goal of reducing the number of validators owned by one entity.

“With these changes, our list remains at 35 validators,” wrote the foundation. “Additionally, keeping in line with the reduction of multiple validators by any entity, the Ripple operated validators is now at 2.” 

Is Ripple Becoming More Decentralized?

It bears mentioning that Ripple’s decentralization has always been a subject of intense debates in the crypto ecosystem. While the network currently boasts over 150 validators run by various individuals and businesses, the fact that it publishes a default UNL has always been a cause for concern amongst some groups.

However, it is worth noting that the number of Ripple-operated validators on these lists has continued to decline, and users can always choose a UNL from separate lists. Notably, the number of validators on Ripple’s list operated by the company now sits at only 3 from a previous 6.

Still, it bears mentioning that out of the 150 plus validators; Ripple continues to incentivize many of them financially.

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