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Terra Founder Accepts Podcast Invite to Discuss Why He’s Not Returning To South Korea


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Kwon agrees to state why he went into hiding.

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Do Kwon, the founder, and CEO of TerraForm Labs (TFL), has agreed to disclose in a podcast why he has not returned to South Korea to face the charges against him. The Terra boss made this known in a conversation on Twitter with Laura Shin, a cryptocurrency journalist and the host of Unchained Podcast.

During the lengthy Twitter thread, Shin asked the Terra founder why he had not returned to South Korea to clear his name from the multiple charges slammed against him by the Korean government. In response, Kwon said:

“I see your podcast invite; let’s talk about it there!” 

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The date and time of the podcast have not been made public at press time. It is believed that the duo is working on a suitable schedule for the podcast.

Negative Reports Trail Terra Founder

Since the Terra incident, several reports have emerged indicting Kwon of several charges, including fraud, and capital markets laws violation, among others. However, the Terra boss has constantly taken to Twitter to deny all negative reports.

Last month, Korean prosecutors issued an arrest warrant for Kwon for allegedly violating the country’s capital market laws. This came after the Terra boss refused to accept an invitation for questioning from the Korean government. A red notice was also issued for the Terra exec by Interpol.

Shin noted that Zuck Guzman, a CNBC reporter, disclosed that: “Zack Guzman said you had told him you weren’t inclined to return to Korea if the charges were based on the Capital Markets Act, which they eventually were. Is that why you haven’t returned to Korea?”

Kwon replied that he would not return to Korea if the charges slammed against him were capital markets-related. Responding to the comments, Kwon said:

“That’s not exactly what I said – I said if they make up something random e.g., transferring crypto at all violates capital controls, I wouldn’t bother traveling all that way – those phrases sound similar. We were also at a pretty loud bar and 10 cocktails in, so it didn’t help.”

Kwon’s Current Location is Still Unknown

At the time of writing, Kwon’s whereabouts are still unknown, with authorities stating that he is on the run. TFL denied the report in a recent note sent to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), claiming that Kwon’s location is kept private due to the numerous threats he has received from aggrieved Terra investors.

With the podcast expected to happen soon, the Terra community is hoping that Kwon will clear the negative reports against him and possibly help the value of the ecosystem tokens to rally again.

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