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Why You Need To Invest In These Green Cryptos Over LUNC Before 2023!

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Increasing concerns about climate change have made environmental conservation a major consideration in the Cryptocurrency world. In recent times, we have seen the birth of projects that help the environment by consuming less energy and reducing carbon emissions into our atmosphere. These green cryptos, some of which include TAMA and IMPT, in addition to their immense advantages, function as any other crypto would.

These projects are readily accepted, and one can affirm this warm welcome by checking the price movements of the projects since release. There have been new green cryptos comparisons with LUNC as the best for 2023.

LUNC has been around since 2018 and has seen breakthroughs since then. However, experts do not recommend investing in LUNC at this time, and you’ll find out why briefly.

We’ll have a quick rundown of LUNC activities and its fate in the new wave of “green cryptocurrency.”

What is the LUNC project about?

Luna Classic (LUNC) is the native coin of the Terra Blockchain, which was introduced in 2018. The token’s name at the time was LUNA. The community decided to establish a new blockchain after TerraUSD (UST), the Blockchain’s algorithmic stablecoin, crashed in May 2022.

On releasing Terra 2, the native coin of the new network took the inheritance of the name “LUNA,” and the old token (from the previous Blockchain) was named Luna Classic (LUNC).

LUNC served as the same token that TerraUSD, the Blockchain’s algorithmic stablecoin, needed to absorb any price variations (UST). By issuing (minting) and destroying (burning) UST tokens to maintain a one-to-one exchange rate to the U.S. dollar, UST was designed to maintain a stablecoin’s supply and demand at a fixed price of $1.

The company that created the currencies, Terra Labs, wants the old network’s protocols and apps to move to the new Blockchain (Terra 2). However, with the recent trend of things, it is unclear how useful the original Terra blockchain will continue to be.

There have been worries about uncertainty and inconsistency in the Terra camp since the crash, and this has had investors move on to other projects. LUNC dumped in price by a whopping 43% in the last few days, and other Terra coins aren’t doing any better either. LUNC used to be a token to look out for, but investors are looking to put their money into a safer project and are moving out of the Terra ecosystem. Therefore, it may not be advisable at this time to go into LUNC.

Green crypto alternatives for 2023.

While LUNC isn’t advisable at this time, other new projects are doing very well that you might want to consider for your portfolio. These new green Cryptos have been the talk of the town, and we’ll give you a brief overview and explain why you should consider them.

  1. Tamadoge (TAMA) – Latest Green Crypto doing X10 for every invest
  2. (IMPT) – the biggest eco-friendly Cryptocurrency at the moment
  3. Algorand (ALGO)
  4. Solarcoin (SLR)
  5. Steller Lumen (XLM)
  6. Avalanche (AVAX)

Tamadoge – Latest Green Crypto doing 10x for investors

Tamadoge is one of the latest Cryptos making waves in the industry. It is a digital asset with TAMA as the native token, which allows users to trade meme coins as NFTs. The token, however new, is doing great, and investors have found its Play-to-Earn feature intriguing. Basically, you can play games and win crypto tokens.

Tamadoge is a green crypto that is big on environmental conservation and decarbonization by running on low energy and ultimately reducing carbon emissions to the environment. This alone is one big reason to invest in Tamadoge today and become a part of the bigger project to save our planet.

There are many other reasons to invest in Tamadoge over LUNC for 2023. The token has been doing wonders since its release, raising well above $19million in less than sixty days from its presale. The presale ended before the scheduled time due to too much demand from investors, and this has pushed Tamadoge up among the top green cryptos we have at the moment.

Buy Tamadoge Here.

Also, you should consider TAMA because it was recently listed on major exchanges. On the 27th of September, TAMA was listed on OKX, and investors believe this listing is one of the reasons the price of TAMA spiked by 30%. Other exchanges, such as Lbank, have also listed TAMA, and the project’s founder says to expect listing on more major platforms. Since the launch of Tamadoge, it has ranked the third largest meme coin after DOGE and SHIB. It has also been listed on other exchanges like LBANK and MEXC.

You might want to consider TAMA because, presently, TAMA costs just $0.09995 with a market cap of over $100m and a trading volume of over $19m. Investors expect this price to go up any moment as the project’s founders have hinted that we’ll see TAMA get listed on more major platforms in no distant time. Those who participated in the presale have made over 700% in profits. The next best time to buy TAMA is now, as it is predicted to reach $1 soon and start a massive bull run from there.

Buy Tamadoge Here. (IMPT) – the biggest eco-friendly Cryptocurrency at the moment is a recent ecologically beneficial project that curbs the release of carbon into the atmosphere. The platform is out to help businesses, communities, and individuals reduce their carbon footprint significantly.

The carbon credits that users and investors have accumulated while making purchases or using the platform’s store will be available for purchase. Users can acquire carbon credits by tokenizing all of them. For transparency, these NFTs are displayed in decentralized ledgers so investors and observers may follow or keep an eye on them. Once the Cryptocurrency is formally launched, users will be able to exchange NFTs for FIAT or other currencies.

Find IMPT Here.

Other promising green cryptos worthy of mention are:

  • Algorand (ALGO)
  • Solarcoin (SLR)
  • Seller Lumen (XLM)
  • Avalanche (AVAX), among others.

More Reasons to invest in IMPT before 2023

The presale of IMPT started on the 3rd of October, and less than 72 hours after it opened to investors, the presale has hit the milestone of over $1 million. Although the blockchain-based carbon credit marketplace made the decision to launch its sale during a volatile period in the Cryptocurrency market, investors’ interest in IMPT doesn’t seem to have been affected.

The presale, like that of Tamadoge, could end before expected because of this increasing interest in the coin. Even before IMPT is launched on an exchange, buying it now at $0.018 will earn you a 55% profit since the presale final stage price is $0.0280.

The IMPT project is a solid one, and you would agree that a project in solidarity with saving our ecosystem will be around for a long time. The project is a relatively new one, and it is just getting started. Join the moving train of IMPT investors.

Find IMPT Here.


More than putting your money into projects, it is imperative, at this time of global warming and rapid climatic change, to lend your voice by investing in projects aiming to solve these problems.

While LUNC is a great project, we have seen the downside of investing in it at this time, and to secure your portfolio for the coming year, you’re now aware of the two best green Cryptos to buy – IMPT and TAMA. These tokens are new, and their prices are still relatively cheap. Secure your 2023 by investing in them before their prices increase significantly.

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