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Wanchain Upgraded Bridge Now Includes Crosschain XRPL Tokens


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XRPL Wanchain Bridges Now Include Cross-chain Transfers for Other XRPL Assets in Recent Upgrade.

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Wanchain has introduced a bridge upgrade that will allow the transfer of other XRPL assets across multiple chains.

Blockchain bridges have become a crucial aspect of cryptocurrencies, as they provide a sort of universality that benefits holders of assets native to certain chains. Wanchain, one of the most robust blockchain-bridge solutions, remains a top dog within the scene.

Eighteen months after its decentralized XRP bridge launch in April of 2021, Wanchain is introducing an upgrade that will allow the bridging of other assets native to the XRP Ledger (XRPL) across chains.

The initial stage of the upgrade will provide support for four XRPL assets, which include Bibliomp ledger token (xBIBLx), NVL Token (NVL), XList Coin (XLIST), and GreenZoneX (GZX); Wanchain announced via its Twitter handle and official blog post. All four tokens are built on XRPL.

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Per information from the announcement, the possible bridge routes for GZX include the hybrid blockchain XinFin, Ethereum, BNBChain, XDC Network and Wanchain. Users will also be able to bridge XLIST, NVL, and xBIBLx across two more chains, including XinFin and Wanchain.

According to the blog post:

GZX (Green Zone)

  • XRPL <> Ethereum
  • XRPL <> BNBChain
  • XRPL <> XDC Network
  • XRPL <> Wanchain


  • XRPL <> XDC Network
  • XRPL <> Wanchain


  • XRPL <> XDC Network
  • XRPL <> Wanchain


  • XRPL <> XDC Network
  • XRPL <> Wanchain”

Wanchain noted that this recent upgrade was prompted by the massive growth of the XRP Ledger and the consequent surge in the number of tokens built on the network. Due to the rising adoption rate, XRPL has matured to secure its position as one of the world’s largest blockchains.

Recall that Wanchain introduced the first-ever decentralized XRPL bridge in April 2021. The initiative allowed XRP users to bridge their XRP tokens with dApps on the versatile Ethereum blockchain and the Wanchain network. This recent upgrade will provide support for other XRPL tokens.

Launched in 2017 by blockchain entrepreneur Jack Lu, Wanchain has a mission to provide the cryptocurrency industry with reliable and robust bridge solutions. In April, Wanchain partnered with the hybrid blockchain solution XinFin to launch bridges for XinFin’s native token, XDC.

In the same month, The Crypto Basic reported Wanchain’s intentions to deploy cross-chain bridges for Cardano in a new partnership. The partnership will also see Wanchain serve as a sidechain to Cardano.

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