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AirFi Network – The Highest Paying Auto Staking & Auto Compounding DEX Protocol Guaranteed Fixed APY 745,080.40%

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AirFI is a company focused on DeFi innovations that create benefits and values for AirFi tokens holders. The built-in Auto-Staking function simplifies and increases the efficiency of staking and awards $AFI token holders the highest stable profit in crypto industry in the amount of 785 080.40% APY with the fastest payouts every minute.

AirFi Network is backed by an open professional team with extensive experience in the crypto industry. All team members have gone through the KYC process at Rate Tech, which means that the team has nothing to hide and does not intend to take any fraudulent actions. Each team member has a LinkedIn, and some have Twitter. You can learn more about the team on the AirFi Network website in the team section.

The project team considers security of great importance. They conducted an audit of the smart contract in two independent companies:  SolidityFinance and SolidProof, which highly rated the security of the smart contract and noted the absence of technical flaws in the ecosystem. This is important information that confirms the safety and effectiveness of the AirFi Network platform.

The AirFi platform offers users two options of passive earnings



AirFi Network provides users with a high-tech decentralized financial asset that allows them to receive a reward in the form of a stable fixed compound interest model, using a unique Auto-Staking.

The Auto-Stake function is the latest Buy-Hold-Earn function that provides maximum simplicity and high use efficiency to holders of $AFI tokens.

To start earning money, you only need to do two things: buy $AFI tokens and keep them in your wallet. This way you will receive a reward in the form of interest payments directly to your wallet in accordance with APY. $AFI tokens will be credited to your wallet every minute.

Auto-staking on the AirFi platform allows all holders of the AirFi token to earn 745,080.40% APY.

APY is an annual revenue in the form of a percentage. This value shows your annual profit from holding $AFI tokens, including compound interest. Compound interest is added periodically with each payment of rewards, that is, every minute. This period of time is called EPOCH.

After the reward is accrued, the percentage is calculated from the new number of tokens in your wallet. This means that the balance sheet will grow not linearly, but exponentially. A reward of 0.0017% will be accrued every minute.

Own Blockchain. Light and Full Nodes


Nodes is a software that allows you to interact with the network.

They perform an important role in the blockchain, namely, confirmation of transactions and blocks, verification of blocks, and storage of full copies of the blockchain and, synchronizing with each other, updating the data to the current version, thus ensuring the security and trouble-free operation of the network.

There are full-fledged nodes that store the complete history of all transactions in the blockchain, and light ones that allow transactions to be carried out without downloading an abundance of data.

Full nodes are nodes that have a copy of the entire blockchain. The main task of a full node is to verify the correctness of transactions and blocks, as well as the correctness of the hash in the new block and, accordingly, the validity of the block and its eligibility to be added to the blockchain. The higher the number of nodes, the higher the security of the network. This reduces the risk of access and subsequent management of stakeholders to the blockchain system.

Light nodes have the same purpose as full nodes, however, unlike full nodes, they contain information only about partial blockchain histories and cannot themselves check the validity

In total, AirFi Network offers 1000 nodes: 700 Light and 300 Full nodes. Earnings from the node will depend on the volume of transactions on the network. On average, each Light node will bring its owner $65 daily, and Full node $335.

AirFI Network Tokenomics


The AirFi team paid great attention to tokenomics and developed the most balanced distribution of tokens within the entire ecosystem:

Initial Supply: 30,000,000

Seed Sale – 5%

Pre-Sale – 20%

Marketing – 15%

Liquidity – 45%

Ecosystem – 13%

Team – 2%

A large percentage of tokens is allocated for liquidity, which, in turn, guarantees users to trade tokens with minimal slippage. Mechanisms are built into the smart contract to maintain the ecosystem. They use commission fees to ensure the stable operation of all tools. Also, the smart contract has a built-in system of automatic burning of tokens, which counteracts the evolving of inflation and contributes to maintaining a high price of tokens.

To maintain ecosystem the smart contract has built-in mechanisms that use commission fees to ensure the stable operation of all instruments, as well as an automatic token burning that counteracts the development of inflation and contributes to the high cost of tokens.

Liquidity — 4% of the total trading volume goes to support the liquidity of the $AFI/BNB pair on PancakeSwap, providing an ever-growing value of $AFI.

Risk Insurance Fund (RIF) — 4% of the total trading volume is sent to RIF, which helps to maintain high APY for staking, as well as constantly increase the value of $AFI tokens.

Treasury — 3% of the total trading volume is sent to the RIF. Trading fees go directly to the Treasury of AirFi, which supports the RIF and provides a marketing budget, and finances the development of new products.

Nodes fee — 2% of the total trading volume is distributed between the owners of Full and Light nodes, allowing for high passive income.

Bon Fire — 2% of the total trading volume is burned in a bonfire. The larger the trading volume, the more tokens are burned in the bonfire. As a result of regular burning, the circulating supply of $AFI tokens decreases, and the value of the token increases, ensuring the stability of the project.

Pre-Sale project on the AirFi platform


AirFi has launched  Pre-Sale of  $AFI tokens on its platform. The total amount of tokens allocated for Pre-Sale will be 6 000 000.

The cost of the $AFI token for Pre-Sale participants will be $0.15, which is significantly lower than the price at which the AFI token will be listed on PancakeSwap — $0.25. Also, when buying the $AFI token on PancakeSwap, a mandatory commission of 15% will be charged.

Nodes are also being sold on AirFi Network platform. You can also become the owner of Full and Light nodes to receive the maximum possible passive income of $335 per day for each Full Node and $65 per day for each Light node. In total 8 Light and 2 Full nodes can be purchased for one wallet.

We recommend you take the opportunity to get $AFI tokens on the most favorable terms and take part in the Pre-Sale.

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