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What Is Aelf coin (ELF)-Aelf Price Prediction-And Much More

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What is Aelf coin? Aelf price prediction, Aelf Wallet, Where To Buy ELF, How To Store ELF, and everything you need to know about Aelf coin/ ELF.

Aelf Coin History

Aelf coin was launched in Dec 2017, founded by Ma Haobo. Along with Ma Haobo, there are vital members of the advisory board. Zhou Shouji, founder of FGB Capital, and Michael Arrington, founder of Techcrunch.

The project got investment from big crypto venture capital firms like FGB Capital, Blockchain ventures, Galaxy, Chain funders, and many more. There was no ICO involved in launching the Aelf project. All investment was gathered from capital firms. The project was so much valued that Aelf coin reached its target of 57,000 Ethereum, leaving out many interested investors.

Since its launch, Aelf has made many partnerships. Their technology partners are big names like Huawei, Google cloud, Microsoft Azure.

Previously an ERC20 token, Aelf launched their test net in 2018, but now Aelf has its Blockchain. 

There are many competitors of Aelf coin as it is a DApp platform. Alef has to compete with Ethereum, Icon, Lisk, and many others to stand out as a successful DApp platform.

Aelf Investors

Some big names invested in Aelf coin.

  • FBG Capital
  • GBIC
  • Huobi Global
  • Alphabit
  • Bitman
  • Galaxy
  • Blockchain Ventures
  • Node Capital
  • Jlab
  • Hyper Chain Capital

What Is Aelf Coin

Aelf is an operating system but for blockchains. Just like many other blockchains that have problems such as, Consensus, Segregation of data, Scalability, Aelf wants to find a solution for this.

 Aelf uses side chains and a delegated consensus system. Aelf is a decentralized cloud computing network, intending to enable commercial blockchain adoption.

For example, the transaction speed of Bitcoin is 8 per second. If we compare this speed with Visa, it has almost 240,000 transactions per second. Such a vast gap in transaction speed needs to be filled to make Bitcoin a top crypto payment solution.

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Watch Video Explaining Aelf:

How Does Aelf Coin Work

Aelf indicates two apparent innovations with which they want to solve these problems, side chains, and the consensus mechanism.

The Aelf chain consists of the main chain and various side chains on which tasks can be performed. By using side chains, the main chain is relieved, and efficiency is increased. In precise terms, this means that more transactions can be carried out per second.

The side chains do communicate with the main chain so that all information remains accessible. This increases the scalability of Aelf, as multiple side chains can be made for different commercial applications.

The consensus mechanism used to approve the transactions on the main chain is delegated Proof of Stake. This is a more efficient way to maintain all side chains and the main chain, and it also allows Aelf’s users to earn passive income. Anyone can do this by depositing their Aelf tokens to the network to approve transactions.

Where To Buy Aelf Coin

Aelf coin is available on many crypto exchanges. You can buy ELF on Binance, Bitfinex, Kucoin, Bitforex, Upbit, Huobi Global, OKex, Bithumb, Bitmax, and many others.

Upbit and Bithumb allow you to buy and sell Aelf coin against KRW.

Okex and Huobi Global allow you to trade ELF against USDT, but Binance only supports ELF/BTC and ELF/ETH pairs.

Aelf Wallet

If you bought Aelf, you should also be able to keep it somewhere safe. Aelf coin has its app for android and iOS wallets. Users can download Aelf Andriod wallet or Aelf iOS wallet to store their Aelf coins safely.

Besides these mobile wallets, Aelf also offers a web wallet. 

You can comfortably set up these wallets to safely store your Aelf coins.

Aelf and Third-party teams produce aelf wallets. Aelf wallet ensures essential coin management and also allows users to trade multiple coins on different cross chains.

Other than these wallets, you can store your Aelf coins on top cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, Bithumb, Huobi Global, and others. But keeping funds on exchanges is not advisable because incase of hacks, you may lose your funds. Also, you don’t have any private keys while keeping your crypto assets on exchanges.

At the start, the Aelf token was an ERC20 token, so it was effortless to store it in any wallet that supports ERC20 tokens like Trust Wallet, Ledger Nano S, MyEtherWallet, and many others. But Now, Aelf has launched their Blockchain, so it is mandatory to follow all steps to create and store your Aelf coins in Aelf Wallet successfully.

Aelf Candy

Aelf candy is a reward system of Aelf coin. With Aelf candy, users can earn rewards daily. These rewards can be converted to ELF coin, and then ELF token can easily be converted to USDT, BTC, or ETH.

You can earn Aelf candy by liking Aelf Twitter posts, Retweeting those posts, Inviting people to Aelf Twitter and Telegram. Many other activities can be performed to make candy.

Aelf Roadmap

In the Aelf Roadmap, there are four main stages. Each stage has its objectives and goals to achieve.

Stage 1 was the initial stage where Aelf introduced their whitepaper, Launched the ELF token and Aelf candy system. In Stage 2, the Aelf test net was launched along with the AEDPoS consensus mechanism. In stage 3, Aelf starts preparations to launch their main net and side chains systems. In stage 4, the official main net was launched.

On Aelf Roadmap, there is nothing mentioned about the future goals, what more innovations and solutions they are bringing to their project. There is a need that the company must update their road map as Aelf community and holders are anxious to know Aelf futures moves.

Aelf Price Prediction

Aelf coin was launched in Dec 2017. As a result, the Aelf coin price skyrocketed and reached an all-time high of 2.6055 USD. The initial launch price was 0.88 USD. Such a rapid price increase was because of Dec 2017 craze, when every coin was pumped hard. Bitcoin in 2017 touched almost 20,000, and Ethereum went above 1,000.

The other reason for such a sharp price increase was that Aelf did not offer any ICO, so investors rushed to buy Aelf coin when it came to exchanges.

Since 2019 Aelf coin price is consolidating between 0.08 to 0.12 USD. There was much up and down in ELF price in 2018. ELF was well above $ 1 in early 2018 but came to 0.11 USD in late 2018. However, the coin has fallen much in price. The team must bring new partnerships, investors, and update their product to increase Aelf coin price.

In the past, many Aelf price predictions have been made. All crypto influencers on Twitter, Telegram, Youtube channels keep on making these Aelf price predictions. Especially when the price of the Aelf coin was doing very well at the start of 2018, everyone seems to be making Aelf price prediction.

Aelf price prediction for 2021 hovers around $ 0.09 and $ 0.29.

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Aelf price prediction for 2022 varies around $ 0.30 and $ 0.54. 

The price prediction for the Aelf coin for 2025 is above 3 dollars. 


These are our predictions, we are not financial advisors, and no one knows where the Aelf coin price will finally go.

Suppose you want to invest in Aelf coin, only invest what you can afford to lose. Investing in cryptocurrency is always a bit of a gamble. And it is up to you whether you want to invest in ELF or not. In our view, Aelf is undoubtedly an attractive investment.

Useful Resources

Aelf Website

Aelf Twitter

Aelf Facebook

Aelf Telegram

Aelf coin Reddit

Aelf has a very proactive subreddit. Reddit community is actively participating in the development of Aelf blockchain. All official announcements are first made on Aelf coin Reddit and then to other Aelf social media.

Aelf coin Reddit has 33k members and growing every day. There are daily threads open for general discussions along with technical arguments. To avoid scams, users need 20 comment karma and a minimum of ten days of account age to post in the Aelf subreddit. Users are not allowed to post any referral links.

Because of karma requirements, users post quality news and educational material relating to Aelf coin.

Visit Aelf coin Reddit

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