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Critic Slams Terra Founder Says It’s A Classic Sign Of A Liar If Someone Can’t Stick With One Story


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FatMan Calls Kwon A Liar, Insists the Terra Founder is Attempting to Evade Authorities.

Anonymous Terra informant FatMan has weighed in on Kwon’s recent public interview, calling the Terra founder a liar who is still attempting to evade authorities.

Do Kwon, founder of the infamous Terra ecosystem, remains a target for South Korean authorities as the manhunt gains steam. Despite reports of his arrest warrant and refusal to disclose his current whereabouts, Kwon remains active in the virtual space.

The South Korean engineer recently granted crypto journalist Laura Shin an exclusive interview on an Unchained Podcast episode. Kwon highlighted a few pointers in his defense against the South Korean government but insisted on keeping his location a secret, citing security concerns.

Barely three days following Kwon’s latest remarks, FatMan, who has persisted in his criticism of the Terra founder, took to discrediting Kwon’s claims, branding him a liar in an interview with Laura Shin on an Unchained Podcast episode Friday.

Shin hosted FatMan on the Unchained Podcast, as the anonymous Terra whistleblower was allowed to air his opinions on Kwon’s takes. FatMan discussed the Terra collapse and the events following it as he reiterated previous allegations levied on Do Kwon and the Luna Foundation Guard (LFG).

Speaking further, FatMan insisted on his claims that Do Kwon remains “a liar” and “a charismatic manipulator.” According to him, Kwon’s refusal to disclose his whereabouts is an attempt from the Terra founder to evade the South Korean authorities despite his claims of not being “on the run.”

FatMan highlighted the inconsistencies with Kwon’s remarks regarding disclosing his location, as noticed in his remarks on Twitter and the recent interview with Shin.

FatMan pointed out that on Twitter, Kwon claims he still goes on walks, and people from Crypto Twitter see him all the time, yet he claims he cannot reveal his location due to security concerns. According to the Terra informant, this is a classic case of “manipulative double speech.”

“… Oh yeah, and I also wanted to talk about his location because there’s a lot of manipulative doublespeak going on that front. So on Twitter, he goes, I’m not on the run. I have nothing to hide. I go on walks. I’m sure people from crypto Twitter see me all the time, and in the interview, he’s like uh no, sorry, I don’t want to reveal my location due to personal security reasons.

To me, it’s a classic sign of a liar. He’s not able to stick to one story. He just has, like, enough stories to write an anthology. The refusal to disclose his city is quite odd to me, ’cause there’s no risk of some psycho trying to break down your door like he claims, if he knows you’re in Singapore or Dubai, or whatever,” FatMan commented, “as long as your actual address isn’t out there, I think you’re safe.”

He mentioned that the only legitimate reason for any individual to refuse to disclose his broad city or region is if they are looking to evade law enforcement. “…because if you mention a city, Interpol might attempt to activate law enforcement in that region,” he added.

Recall that while Kwon has insisted that he’s not on the run from the law and has been cooperating with the authorities, he has persistently refused to disclose his location, as Singaporean authorities confirmed he is no longer in the city-state.

South Korean prosecutors have been on a manhunt for the 31-year-old cryptocurrency developer, with previous reports of a warrant calling for his arrest. Prosecutors have charged Kwon with violations of the Capital Markets Act and are looking to subject him to litigation.

In the interview with Shin, FatMan recommended that Kwon come out of hiding and face the South Korean authorities head-on. “At this point, instead of running and making up excuses, I think Do should face his reckoning and attend the trial so that fair verdicts can be made,” FatMan noted.

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