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More Gaming Developers Adopting Cardano


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Wolves of Rome COO Explains Why Many Developers Prefer Cardano Over Other Blockchains.

Puller gives reasons why Cardano is a favorite choice for Game developers.

There has been a growing adoption of Cardano solutions for the development of various blockchain-based projects. Many developers consider Cardano the suitable blockchain for their projects, ranging from non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to Play-to-Earn games.

In a recent interview, Kyle Puller, the COO, and Head of Marketing Wolves of Rome (WOR), a Cardano-based NFT trading card game, explained why the team behind the game chose to launch on Cardano.

Puller Explained Why WOR Launched on Cardano

According to Puller, the team behind the epic trading card game decided to launch Wolves of Rome on Cardano due to their familiarity with the ecosystem. 

“I think for us, many of the team were already settled into the Cardano community,” he said. Puller added that another factor that prompted the launch of WOR on Cardano is the “ethos” behind the network. 

“We love the ethos, the fact that it was relatively uncrowded, the measure twice cut once approach and of course the low gas fees. So, it made sense that if we were to contribute by building something it would be here,” he added. 

Puller noted that over the years, Cardano had become a suitable network for many game developers to build on based on its security and reliability. The COO of WOR expressed excitement over the fact that the trading card game launched on Cardano, adding that the leading blockchain “feels like home.”

“I am very happy that we settled in on Cardano. It feels like home.”

Cardano’s Mouthwatering Features

Puller’s comments reflect the opinions of many users of the blockchain. Due to its unending benefits, Cardano is gradually becoming a favorite choice for developers. The network offers low-cost and fast transactions compared to several Proof-of-Stake blockchains. 

Cardano is secure, and the team behind the network, Input Output Global (IOG), is not ready to jeopardize users’ safety. Based on this, the Cardano development team is always rolling out significant upgrades to keep the network secure and enhance transaction processing. 

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