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This Might Just Be The Fastest Way To Add Web3 Elements To Web2 Games

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There is tremendous potential in embracing Web3 technology as a Web3 player. However, incorporating this new technology can often seem complicated, although it doesn’t have to be. With the help of providers like Ankr, anyone can easily turn their Web2 game into an appealing Web3 project without friction.

Do Not Discount Web3’s Potential

The crypto and blockchain industry has been prone to buzzwords being embraced by the mainstream for short-term financial gain. Several years ago, numerous companies announced their “blockchain” ventures because it was the hot keyword, sending stock prices upward quickly. Unfortunately, those companies had little or no intention of using this technology, creating a negative connotation for legitimate blockchain projects and the technology that came after it. 

Many expected concepts like NFTs, play-to-earn gaming, and Web3 to go down a similar path. However, Web3 is a genuine long-term play in the crypto and blockchain industry with tremendous opportunity for those taking the plunge early. That applies primarily to players and game builders, as gaming is one of the key focal points for all Web3-related technology. 

Taking the plunge will require developers to integrate blockchain-based elements, including cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and true digital ownership. Bringing those ideas to a game that isn’t hooked up to Web3 technology seems daunting and can often be more hassle than it’s worth. However, the necessary infrastructure to seamlessly transition from a Web2 game to a Web3 title is now available. 

Ankr Changes The Game

The provider of that crucial infrastructure is Ankr, a company dedicated to elevating gaming to a new level. With the Ankr Gaming SDK, builders can tap into Web3 monetization strategies, wallet integration, blockchain integration, etc. It has support for BNB Chain, Avalanche, Fantom, Ethereum, Polygon, and more networks to follow. Additionally, the Gaming SDK introduces innovative GameFi earning solutions for players and developers. 

More importantly, Ankr prioritizes a solution that helps builders combine fun gameplay with incentives and monetization mechanisms. There is no need to revamp or rework the existing Web2 game, as the Web3 opportunities expand on what is already in the game. It is a very straightforward solution to make games more engaging and boost long-term player retention, among other things.

One example of a game pivoting from Web3 to Web3 through Ankr’s Gaming SDK is Meta Apes. Initially designed as a Web2 game focused on fun and entertainment, the team opted for integrating Web3 mechanics to reward players. That process took less than a month to complete, and the game continues to thrive like never before. Merging Web2 and Web3 is the path forward for existing titles and games currently in development.

More importantly, players become more empowered through the Ankr Gaming SDK. They will experience true digital ownership of in-game assets and how to turn them into real-world money. Players can trade or sell their assets if they prefer to do so, all the while earning rewards from progress through and competing in engaging and interactive titles.  

Checking The Right Boxes

The Ankr Gaming SDK is appealing due to all of the features builders can integrate. Moreover, it provides developers with the freedom to design their games as they see fit, without compromising on speed, security, or efficiency. Access to unlimited Web3 infrastructure and potential is now accessible by anyone who is passionate about designing engaging and fun games for various platforms.

Ankr is in a solid position to offer such solutions, as the project focuses on multi-chain solutions through decentralized infrastructure. The team has established a presence across over 50 proof-of-stake blockchains through its node delivery and a developer toolkit. Expanding that focus to Web3-oriented building will further solidify Ankr’s position and help transform gaming to become more player-focused. 

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