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NFT StartupSignifty Announces Beta Test Ahead of Full Platform Launch


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Signifty, the startup championing NFTs as a mechanism to effect social good, has shared details of its beta test ahead of a full platform launch. By tapping into the power of NFTs and their ability to forge passionate, highly motivated communities, Signifty believes it can effect positive change in the world.

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The release of the Signifty platform will realize an untapped use case for NFTs. Traditionally used as status symbols and objects for financial speculation, NFTs can also be harnessed for philanthropic purposes. Signifty’s platform leverages celebrity ‘stardust’ to drive sales of NFTs, with proceeds put towards altruistic causes known as Missions.

Celebrities, including sports stars, musicians and influencers, can select charitable causes that are close to their heart. These Missions can range from environmental projects to humanitarian initiatives. The celeb supplies custom content such as audio, video, art, signature, or some other personal item. Signifty then digitizes it and recreates it as an NFT collection.

Each Mission includes a fundraising target, details of what will be achieved with the proceeds, and a breakdown of how the NFT drop will unfold. A range of fundraising mechanisms include auction and fixed price sales. Fans can monitor the campaign’s progress, including the availability of remaining NFTs and proximity to the fundraising target. The ability to track the movement of funds onchain via the Signifty dashboard provides oversight, ensuring that Mission objectives are met and fully honored.

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Ahead of the full launch of its NFT platform, Signifty has disclosed that its beta test will commence in the near future. This will give early adopters a chance to put the platform and its underlying smart contracts through their paces. Participants will be invited to test out core functions including minting and selling.

Interested parties who wish to be the first to trial Signifty are invited to complete a form on the Signifty official website.

During the beta test, each user will be able to mint up to three NFTs per wallet commemorating their participation. Following the launch of the Signifty platform, the NFT will bestow exclusive benefits to its holder. Beta participants are free to retain or sell their NFTs as they desire.

Following completion of its beta test, Signifty will proceed to its beta launch, ushering in a new era for NFTs as the key to delivering positive change on a global scale.

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About Signifty

Signifty brings celebrities and their fans together with the goal of fostering shared experiences while making the world a better place. Its philanthropic platform makes it easy for influencers to raise funds for cherished causes while giving something back to their supporters. Because every action is recorded onchain, Signifty provides full transparency into the success of project Missions.

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