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What is Vechain-How To Buy Vechain-Beginner Guide


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This is a detailed article on how to buy Vechain on various exchanges.

What Is Vechain?

Vechain Founded by Sunny Lu (CEO of Vechain) in 2015. Vechain aims to build blockchain solutions for businesses to implement blockchain technology to their daily operations and services quickly.

In 2015 when Vechain was launched, it was a private blockchain and was open for none. Vechain updated its blockchain in 2018 and became a public one, which means anyone can write and read on Vechain blockchain. Any application can be built on the Vechain blockchain.

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The goal of Vechain is to prevent customers from identical products.

Top brand’s products are usually copied. These products look purely identical to original works.

Such false products are not just a loss of manufactures, but customers are also cheated, paying high prices for copied products.

Vechain brings its business-oriented blockchain solutions where components and the business supply chain are recorded on a blockchain ledger, a ledger that cannot be manipulated.

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This brings the authenticity of products ensuring customers buy original products and pay real money for real products.

Vechain is not built on any other coin chain like ERC20 tokens; instead, Vechain is a blockchain.

Vechain has built a compelling blockchain software that helps modern businesses prevent themselves from counterfeiting products and managing their entire supply chain.

This software allows companies to give their products unique I.D.s when then further allow companies themselves, their supply chain partners, and even customers to interact with these products.

This Vechain business-specific software uses blockchain technology to collect and store data on the blockchain. It also allocates private keys to all supply chain members.

These unique product I.D.s are Q.R. codes, RFID tags, or NFC chips. All these specific codes are saved on the blockchain. At any time, these codes can be used by the manufacturer, distributor, retailer, wholesaler, or customer to learn complete details about the products and readily check the legitimacy of products.

Vechain Main Features

  • Providing chips for luxury brands to track original products and prevent counterfeit products.
  • Keep a record of vehicle data on blockchain like insurance, registration history, repair and maintenance, upgrades.
  • Provide crucial information by using Vechain IoT sensors when products are transferred in the cold chain.
  • Vechain has designed a model for manufacturers that track their carbon emissions. And provide a solution to decrease it to a reasonable quantity.

Vechain is a public blockchain meaning anyone with blockchain knowledge can write its own Dapp on the Vechain blockchain. Just like ERC20 tokens are built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Vechain is being used in so many industries, especially in China. Many China government-backed projects are using the Vechain blockchain.

Vechain holders are paid rewards in the form of a Vechain Thor token (VTHO). Holders have to do nothing but just hold Vechain.

Exchanges like Binance and many other exchanges offer Vechain staking and rewards users for holding Vechain.

Vechain Tokens

Vechain has two tokens. The primary token that represents the price and value of Vechain is the VET token.

Vechain token (VET) is a value representative of the Vechain platform. Vechain token can be quickly staked, meaning you will pay rewards (VTHO Token) for holding Vechain.

Vechain Thor (VTHO) is the Gas fee required to perform the transaction on the Vechain Platform. All Vechain token holders are paid VTHO for holding Vechain.

Like Ethereum users pay Gas fees when they transfer funds on the ETH blockchain, Vechain uses the Vechain Thor Token (VTHO) required for the successful sending of transactions on the Vechain blockchain.

Users do not need to individually buy VTHO tokens to carry out their transactions on Vechain Blockchain. When a transaction is made on Vechain, an equivalent amount of VTHO is generated, after the successful transaction, 70% of VTHO are burned, and 30% goes to holders of Vechain (VET).

This dual token model is designed to help developers. Developers that carry large amounts of VET tokens can use the Vechain network for free.

Vechain Partnerships

Vechain is among the top cryptocurrencies that have developed a firm name in the blockchain.

Projects like Vechain have given a substantial reputation to the blockchain.

Vechain is, without any doubt, its partnerships show a great project and its significance.

Vechain is acknowledged by the Chinese government and is helping many Chinese businesses and Government Ministries backed projects.

Top Vechain partnerships are:

Partnership With CAFA (China Animal Health and Food Safety Alliance)

Vechain has partnered with CAFA, an alliance of 130 companies, backed by the Ministry of Agriculture of the People’s Republic of China.

There are massive names in that alliance, like Walmart, Mcdonald, and well-known Chinese firms.

Vechain will provide all these businesses, blockchain solutions for their products and services.

Vechain And Travala.com

Vechain had a partnership with travala.com. As a result of this partnership, Vechain is used as a payment option to book thousands of Flights, Hotel accommodations, and more.

Vechain And Game Of Thrones

Vechain had a partnership with Game of Thrones that allowed Vechain to design specially made, chip embedded sneakers for Game of thrones.

Vechain Partnership With Walmart

Walmart’s China and Vechain partnership was a significant one. The Vechain community well embraced this partnership.

As a result of this partnership, Vechain will provide its blockchain technology to track all Walmart China products’ records.

It will tag all products of Walmart China with RFID or Q.R. codes that keep records of that product from its manufacturing to customers.


Vechain and China Shangai Gas

China’s Shanghai Gas, a subsidiary of Synergy Group Company Limited, and Vechain became partners to apply blockchain solutions in the China gas sector.

Vechain National Level Partnership With China

Vechain is a Chinese government partner in bringing blockchain technology to various China sectors like Technology, Planning, Food, Animal Health care, I.T., and Software.

Read complete details: 35 Most Recent Vechain Partnerships.

How To Buy Vechain

Now You should have a complete idea of What is Vechain? Let’s come to our main topic. How to buy Vechain?

Vechain is being traded at more than 50 plus crypto exchanges.

It is a top coin, and people love to trade on it and hold it for long term future gains.

I will try to provide details about different cryptocurrency exchanges so that people from any region can know how and where to buy Vechain.



Any person involved in cryptocurrencies has undoubtedly heard the name of Binance exchange.

Binance is, without any questions, the best exchange at this time, offering so many services and opportunities to its users.

Binance was made in 2017 by Changpeng Zhao, commonly known as C.Z.

When it comes to trading, Binance offers low fees compared to its competitors, Trading fees on Binance reduced further if you hold Binance coin (BNB). 

Trading on Binance offers Limit and Market orders, Stop loss and OCO orders, Margin trading, Futures trading, Bulk purchase orders, and much more.

Binance offers more than 200 coins for spot trading and more than 50 coins for futures trading.

Binance offers more than five different ways to earn on its exchange without trading.

You can earn by staking different cryptocurrencies on Binance.

You can participate in Binance Launchpad, where new coins are launched, and people invest in the IEO of that coin in the hope of high profits.

As these days Defi craze is increasing, Binance has launched its own “Launch Pool” where users can earn handsome profits by yield farming.

In terms of the Defi craze, Binance has also added “Binance Liquid Swap,” Where you can provide liquidity on three pools and earn rewards.

Binance also offers Crypto loan services. You can take a loan by depositing your crypto and then get your crypto back by repaying the loan.

How to buy Vechain on Binance?

To buy Vechain on Binance, you need to deposit funds on the Binance exchange.

If you have BTC, Ethereum, or another cryptocurrency in any other wallet, you can transfer it to your Binance account.

Read our full guide on how to deposit and withdraw from Binance.

If you want to deposit funds directly to Binance, then Binance got you covered.

They have so many options and supported fiat currencies to deposit funds.

Some of the significant Binance supported fiat currencies are AED, AUD, BRL, USD, GBP, EUR, HKD, IDR, JPY, INR, and RUB.

You can transfer these fiat currencies by your Master or Visa cards.

There is a built-in Peer to Peer exchange in Binance. You can buy any BTC, USDT, ETH, and other top cryptocurrencies from your local vendors and quickly pay them by your local means like bank transfers and many more options.

Other payment solutions like Banxa, Simplex, Bpay, and Poli help transfer your funds into Binance exchange.

Once you have funds into your Binance account, Buying Vechain is very easy.

If you have any fiat currency, convert it to BTC, ETH, USDT, BUSD, or BNB.

Then go to “Trade” from the top section of the Binance main page.

Go to “Classic” or “Advance.”


Suppose you have USDT in your Binance account.

Search at the right corner of your classic trading window and type VET. Then select VET/USDT.

How to buy vechain

A window, as shown above, will open.

Enter the price at which you are willing to Buy VET.

Enter the amount of Vechain you want to buy or simply enter the amount the USDT (10,20,50,100 or whatever) in the “Total” section. The system will automatically calculate how much Vechain you will get with your entered amount of USDT.

Just click the BUY button, and your order is placed.

Wait until your order gets filled.

You can see your open orders in the last of your trading page section.

Once your order is filled, you will be the owner of Vechain Tokens.

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Binance US

As to operate in the USA, you need many regulations to pass. You cannot offer any coin for trading in the USA; Binance thought of launching Binance USA for its American customers.

Binance brings the same level of top trading services to Binance US, where USA citizens can legally trade cryptocurrencies.

Binance US has the lowest fees compared to all other exchanges allowed to operate in America.

Binance US is currently offering more than 40 cryptocurrencies for trading.

Excluding these states, Georgia, Hawaii, Alabama, Alaska, Connecticut, Idaho, Louisiana, Washington, New York, North Carolina, Texas, and Vermont, Binance US is available for all other U.S. states.

USA traders can very easily create an account on Binance US by providing just an email and password. Still, every store needs to be verified before starting trading and depositing cash on Binance US.

Know Your Customer (KYC) is mandatory for all USA users.

The fundamental verification requires submitting Date of Birth, Residential Address, Name, Social Security number, and Gender. The necessary proof will have a withdrawal limit of 5000 USD or equivalent in any crypto coin daily.

Advanced verification includes all requirements of primary verification plus Identity verification and address verification.

Documents required for identity verification are State ID, Driver License, or Passport.

For address verification, documents required are the latest bank statement or utility bills.

The daily withdrawal limit for advanced verification holders is 1 million USD or equivalent in any coin.

U.S. customers can deposit to Binance US by connecting their bank accounts directly with the exchange. Users can also withdraw any funds to their bank accounts.

How To Buy Vechain On Binance US

Once you have funds in your account, go to the “Trade” from the top of the Binance US page.

Go to classic or Advanced.


Now you choose VET/BTC.

Enter the Price of Vechain.

Enter the quantity of BTC in the “Total” section.

Press the Buy button, and you will become the owner of Vechain once your order is filled.


All U.S. customers that are involved in trading cryptocurrencies should have heard the name of Coinbase.

Coinbase started its operation in the USA in 2012 and is fully regulated by U.S. laws.

Coinbase is a pioneer in providing crypto services to American citizens and operates in almost all U.S. states.

Coinbase is the leading and top crypto exchange providing crypto-related services to USA crypto traders.

Coinbase has a friendly based trading interface and a reasonable quantity of coins for trading.

Coinbase, along with the collaboration of Circle, has its stable coin USDC.

For big investors and funds they have a very secure custodial service.

Coinbase also offers staking services where users can earn cryptocurrencies just by holding coins.

Coinbase has a high trading volume and provides U.S. traders with high liquidity for trading.

But the only thing that makes many people upset is the high fees of Coinbase.

Coinbase fees are the highest as related to other exchanges.

Coinbase has a learning cryptocurrency program where users learn about any cryptocurrency and earn that coin while learning.

Coinbase serves the USA, but it functions in 102 more countries and serves 30 million customers.

Coinbase allows customers to connect their bank accounts with the exchange and deposit funds or withdraw them to bank accounts at any time with ease.

Coinbase allows users to deposit and withdraw funds by Paypal.

How To Buy Vechain on Coinbase

Add a Bank account or Your Master or Visa card with Coinbase to deposit funds.

Then Go to “Trade” from the top right of the Coinbase website.

Enter the Price of the Vechain you want to buy.

Enter the amount of USD you are willing to Buy with.

Click on Buy and wait for your order to get filled.


Bitfinex, formed by iFinex inc, started as a peer to peer lending platform and has been there since 2012.

It is a very well-known exchange based in Hong Kong, and they are the creator of the most widely traded cryptocurrency, Tether (USDT).

The exchange is also well known for the number of allegations because of Tether (USDT) and hacks.

Bitfinex first-served U.S. customers, but as more regulations are coming in cryptocurrencies, Bitfinex, like many other exchanges, now does not serve the USA.

Bitfinex offers its traders high volume and many trading features like Limit or Market orders, Stop Limit and Trailing stop orders, Fill or kill, and scaled demands.

Bitfinex offers margin and derivate trading.

Bitfinex also offers paper trading where users can test their trading strategies before putting them on real markets.

Bitfinex lets its users trade cryptocurrencies against fiat currencies like USD, EUR, GBP, and JPY.

Bitfinex offers services of staking and lending Pro where users can earn rewards without trading.

Bitfinex is hacked several times. In 2015 more than fifteen hundred bitcoins were stolen from Bitfinex.

120,000 BTC was stolen in 2016 from Bitfinex, the second-largest theft in the history of cryptocurrencies after M.T.GOX 750,000 Bitcoin theft.

In 2017 Bifniex accounts were freezer by their bank Wells Fargo, which created high Bitfinex users’ unrest.

At the time of writing, Bitfinex is facing many cases in the USA because of Tether.

How To Buy Vechain On Bitfinex

After depositing funds to your Bitfinex account, go to the Trading page.

Select the pair of Vechain tokens. (VET/BTC, VET/ETH, etc.)

Enter the price of Vechain and the quantity; click on “Exchange Buy” to buy Vechain on Bitfinex.

Bithumb Global

Javier Sim, the founder of Bithumb, made this exchange in 2013. Bithumb is also an old and trusted exchange.

Bithumb primarily focuses on South Korean citizens as Bithumb is a South Korean startup, But now Bithumb has launched Bithumb Global, where people worldwide can trade cryptocurrencies.

Bithumb stands as the number one crypto exchange in South Korea with a large bitcoin and altcoin trading volume. When it comes to the international cryptocurrency market, Bithumb Global is behind none. Not only the volume and liquidity of Bithumb Global are attractive, and also there are substantial security measures to protect from hackers.

Bithumb charges flat 0.25% fees on all trades in South Korea, but Bithumb Global fees are competitive to the market. They charge 0.10% fees on all transactions.

Bithumb Global does not charge any fees on deposits, and withdrawal fees depend on the coin network.

Bithumb Global has a vast number of Altcoins to trade on. For any crypto traders looking for a variety of coins, Bithumb Global is the place for them.

Bithumb Global offers many ways of depositing funds into the exchange.

Crypto to crypto deposit is easy and can be done with some clicks.

Fiat deposit options are Master Card, Visa, Union Pay, Bank transfer, and SEPA.

You can quickly deposit funds into the Bithumb Global account by any of these options and start trading immediately.

Bithumb Global also allows trading against fiat currencies like USD, RUB, and TRY.

How To Buy Vechain On Bithumb Global

Buying Vechain on Bithumb Global is very easy.

Go to Bithumb Global and then go to spot trading.

Go to Standard or Advanced.

Enter the Price of Vechain and in “Total,” enter how many worths of USDT you are happy to buy Vechain with.

Press Buy, and you will get Vechain.


Gate.io has made itself a robust crypto exchange within a few years.

They have a considerable number of coins available for trading, and they are offering so many services on their exchange.

Some of Gate.io’s leading cryptocurrency services are Spot and Margin trading, perpetual contracts, short-term options, ETF, Hold and earn, Crypto lending, and Crypto loans, and Margin borrowing.

Gate.io has the most extensive collection of USDT pairs. None other exchange has that many coin pairs with USDT as Gate.io has.

Despite a massive exchange and handsome trading volume, the main problem with Gate.io is that its team is invisible. There is no team page available on the entire exchange website.

The only info available about Gate.io on their website is that Gate Technology Inc operates Gate.io, and they have a dedicated team.

The address mentioned on the Gate.io website is “P.O. Box 31119 Grand Pavilion, Hibiscus Way, 802 West Bay Road, Grand Cayman, KY1-1205 Cayman Islands.”

Users should take caution while using any such exchanges because such businesses may disappear very quickly when regulations come into place. Alternatively, they have to completely expose their ownerships, Daily operations, Profit and losses, and income tax statements if they want to continue.

KYC is not mandatory on Gate.io, but users who withdraw more than one thousand Dollars are asked to immediately verify their identity.

Gate.io fees are relatively higher. They charge 0.20% maker and taker fees, which is very high as compared to other exchanges. But on the other side, they do not capture any deposit or withdrawal fees, which is their competitive edge.


How To Buy Vechain On Gate.io

Go to Gate.io and go to the Trade option.

Select the pair of the Vechain token. The main Pairs are VET/BTC, VET/ETH, and VET/USDT.

Place a Buy order by clicking “BUY (VET)” by entering your desired amount and price.

Wait until your Buy order gets filled.


Kucoin has made its way into the top crypto exchanges. They started small, but under CEO Michael Gan’s leadership, the exchange has developed electric and influential.

Made in 2017, Kucoin now offers more than 300 coins for trading, 500 markets, A friendly User interface, Spot, Margin and Future trading, Lending or staking services, Initial exchange offering, and the lowest trading fees.

Kucoin is primarily known for its small-cap coins. Most small-cap coins prefer to launch on Kucoin with great potential for upside price movement.

Kucoin has its own token, KCS. KCS has earned good respect and is seen as an investment and profit opportunity by traders.

Kucoin trading fees is 0.10%, which is according to the market.

Users can deposit funds by their debit or credit card immediately.

Users can buy cryptocurrencies from fiat currencies like USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, CAD, and CNY.

Kucoin has a built-in peer to peer exchange where users worldwide can buy and sell cryptocurrencies. A peer to peer exchange is where buyers and sellers are present from different areas and buy and sell crypto directly.

To start your trading on Kucoin, KYC is mandatory.

Kucoin offers excellent customer support and has top-level security. Security is a big concern for cryptocurrency exchanges, so Kucoin deploys multilayer encryption, multifactor authentication, and an internal risk control department, which keeps an eye on daily exchange operations.

How To Buy Vechain On Kucoin

Go to Kucoin and then go to TradeTrade.

From Trade go to Spot.

Select the Vechain pair that you want to trade on.

If you have BTC, then go to the VET/BTC, and if you have USDT, then go to VET/USDT.

Simply enter the price of Vechain at which you agree to buy.

Enter the amount of USDT, 10%, 25%, 50% or 100%.

Press Buy and get your Vechains

Huobi Global

Huobi is again a big name in cryptocurrency exchanges. Started in 2013, Huobi has a strong and professional team to lead them.

Huobi Group has expanded its operations by investing in more than 60 companies, covering areas like Crypto trading, Mining, Wallets, Digital assets research, and more.

Huobi has more than 1300 employees, with customers in more than 170 countries.

Huobi has a wide variety of coins, and they have their coin HUSD.

HUSD is a stable coin and very famous in the Huobi community.

Huobi is based in Singapore. Many crypto projects prefer Singapore because Singapore encourages and promotes blockchain startups and has advanced and hardy crypto regulations.

The good thing is that Huobi is never hacked. It is astonishing but shows how serious Huobi takes its security and responds to threats instantly.

Huobi offers many crypto services, including spot and margin trading, OTC buying, Futures, options trading, Locking and mining, Staking, Saving, Defi liquidity mining, and much more.

Huobi offers customers to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, USDT, and other top cryptocurrencies with Visa and Master cards.

Huobi has a flat fee of 0.20% that is higher than other exchanges.

Huobi has strong partners like FBG Capital, DHVC, Zhen Fund, SEQUOIA, and Fenbushi Capital.

How To Buy Vechain On Huobi

Go to Huobi global and go to Spot trading.

Select the desired pair of Vechian.

Enter the price and amount of Vechain and click Buy.



Okex is well known Malta-based cryptocurrency exchange.

Okex CEO JayHao founded Okex in 2017. Malta is growing as a cryptocurrency hub and attracting many crypto startups and big names like Binance.

Malta has introduced the Virtual Financial Asset Act regulated by the Malta Financial Ministry and is easy to comply with and follow. The base many crypto firms are favoring Malta.

Many traders love okex. It has many altcoins and offers many other crypto services like Spot and Margin trading, Dex trading, a decentralized exchange based on Okex Chain, Options, and Futures trading. You can earn cryptocurrencies by staking, lending, and OKex saving, User, can fastly and easily get crypto loans as well.

Okex has its chain-like Binance. The purpose of the Okex blockchain s that a large number of commercial applications can be quickly built on the okex blockchain.

There is a long number of fiat currencies with which you can buy crypto coins. You can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, USDT with fiat currencies USD, CNY, EUR, ARS, AUD, BGN, BRL, CAD, CHF, COP, CZK, GBP, HKD, IDR, INR, JPY, RUB, TRY.

Okex also has a peer to peer crypto exchange where you can buy and sell coins directly to other users.

OKex has a low and competitive fee structure. They charge 0.10% per TradeTrade.

Okex has a lot of trading pairs and a considerable quantity of coins for trading. Derivative trading with leverage up to 100x makes Okex more attractive for trading cryptocurrencies.

How To Buy Vechain On Okex

Go to Okex, and select TradeTrade.

Select your favorite Vechain trading pair and enter the amount of Vechain. Enter the price of Vechain and click Buy.

Disclaimer: This content is informational and should not be considered financial advice. The views expressed in this article may include the author's personal opinions and do not reflect The Crypto Basic’s opinion. Readers are encouraged to do thorough research before making any investment decisions. The Crypto Basic is not responsible for any financial losses.



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