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Terra Classic v23 Upgrade On Schedule To Launch In December


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The Terra Classic is on schedule for the v23 upgrade in December.

The Terra Classic Network Is Set To Become Fully Cosmos Interoperable As v23 Upgrade Is On Schedule To Launch In December

In a tweet yesterday, the Terra Rebels, an independent developer group for the Terra Classic network, disclosed that they are on track to roll out the v23 upgrade and re-open Inter Blockchain Communication in Q4 2022, sharing the thoughts of core developer Edward Kim.

” … we’re looking at reworking the underlying Cosmos tendermint skeleton and upgrading vanilla Cosmos 45.8 And then upgrade to Tendermint v34,” core developer Edward Kim said in the Terra Rebels roadmap Ask Me Anything (AMA) clip shared. “if you look at what Jacob Gadikian has done for … Osmosis Notional and Osmosis, they upgraded to 45.9. And that is in our repo.”

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Notably, Kim disclosed that fellow core developer Tobias Andersen, AKA Zaradar, is also working on upgrading the Tendermint to v37. However, he explains that there are several things the developer will have to work around due to changes in Tendermint. According to Kim, completing this will allow for the implementation of CosWasm v1.0.0.

The upgrade and the re-opening of IBC channels, as reported by The Crypto Basic, will make the network fully interoperable with the Cosmos network, as the upgrade contains the CosWasm upgrade. As a result, the network can access locked liquidity and attract new utility with full Cosmos interoperability.

Connected to the Cosmos ecosystem that links several independent networks, it will be unsurprising to see these networks make a wrapped LUNC to allow the use of LUNC as payment to attract the budding Terra Classic community. In addition, the Cosmos and Tendermint upgrades will also make the network compatible with decentralized applications building on Luna v2, as disclosed by Kim in September. According to Kim, it will usher in a flurry of DApps to the Terra Classic chain.

Consequently, it is a significant step toward bringing utility to the chain.

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