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Terra Classic v23 Upgrade To Bring A Big Boost To LUNC Network


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Terra Classic (LUNC) v23 Upgrade To Come With Full Cosmos Interoperability.

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The next Terra Classic upgrade to bring a big boost to the LUNC network with Cosmos interoperability.

In a tweet on Friday, LUNC developer Raider disclosed that the Terra Classic v23 upgrade would make the network fully interoperable with other Cosmos chains as it contains the CosmWasm upgrade.

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Notably, the CosmWasm is a library containing standard codes for building contracts.

“Only after the TR v23 release containing the CosmWasm upgrade will Terra Classic become fully interoperable with other Cosmos based blockchains,” Raider wrote.

It bears mentioning that details of the v23 upgrade first leaked in August, showing a rough framework of what the upgrade will cover, authored by the core development team comprising Edward Kim and Tobias Andersen, AKA Zaradar. It is expected to roll out in December.

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Terra classic v23 update.
image source: https://twitter.com/LunaClassicDevs/status/1562853902437203968

Notably, the Terra Classic network was originally a Cosmos chain. However, Inter Blockchain Communication (IBC), which allowed Cosmos chains to interact, was disabled during the Terra ecosystem collapse to prevent impermanent losses.

It bears mentioning that the Terra Rebels are already working to re-enable the IBC protocol and have enlisted the help of renowned Cosmos developer Jacob Gadikian. Notably, LUNC core developer Edward Kim noted over a week ago that community members could expect a significant boost in the number of projects building on the network as a result.

It is worth noting that the v22 upgrade launched at the end of August reintroduced staking and led to a $1 billion boost in market cap and the buzz around burn proposals.

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