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Ukraine Rebuild Token Announces Its Official Presale


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Ukraine Rebuild Token (UAR), a token created to help the cities in Ukraine damaged by bombardments, started its official presale.

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Users can actively participate in rebuilding Ukraine by purchasing the UAR token. The presale has a total maximum supply of 50,000,000 tokens. With Stage 1 of the presale, the company also launched its official website, bank and crypto transfers are available.

As the project develops and cryptocurrency awareness increases, UAR intends to supply enough materials, workforce (contracts with building companies), and warehouses in Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Moldova, and Hungary. 

UAR token presale

Stage 1 of the UAR token presale has already started. The limited total supply of Stage 1 presale has been set to 50,000,000 tokens with a starting price of 0.10€ each. The token allocation also includes no vesting period for investors, also the possibility to trade the UAR as soon as UAR gets DEX and CEX listing.

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For the instant purchase method, which is currently available, users can choose to “withdraw” accepted cryptocurrency from their wallet. The currencies accepted are Ethereum, Cardano, BNB, USDT, and USDC. Due to ETH traffic gas price, conversion, and exchange fees, it is recommended a minimum purchase of 50$ or 50€.

After purchase, users should note that it can take up to one workday to see their Ukraine Rebuild Tokens (UAR) in their wallet. Registered users can use the promo code “earlybird” for a 3% discount.

The token economy presents rewards for long-term holders. They can expect increasing airdrop to their wallets:

  • 2% after stage 2 is over
  • 3% after stage 3 is over
  • 4% after stage 4 is over
  • 5% after stage 5 is over

Also, the company presents many other benefits, like buyback a portion of Ukraine Rebuild Tokens (UAR) off the market as the project grows.

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More about UAR

The current disastrous situation in Ukraine drove the Ukraine Rebuild Token project. Now, approximately 360 million square meters of living space have been destroyed. The Ukraine Rebuild Token project aims to raise to 2bil €, roughly enough to rebuild 3,6 million square meters of living space.

UAR relies on the experience and competence of its team in investment banking, building, development, marketing, management, and administrative tasks. The project was built on transparency and shared detailed information with users about each stage of the project, from presales to what will happen with each investment made.

The price of basic construction supplies has risen significantly in recent years. In this context, long-term investments offer investors additional safety against inflation. With the increasing costs of building materials, the project’s team hopes that the UAR price will also grow in value.

Furthermore, the company underlines the increase in housing prices as another benefit for UAR token holders. Contracted development and building companies will have to share a part of their profits for the materials the UAR team will provide. 

Also, as the price of housing increases, so would the user’s investment.

Where to buy:

For more information, you can visit the official Ukraine Rebuild Token website.

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