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12.6T Baby Doge Coin (BabyDoge) Incinerated As Total Burns Hit 47.44% of Supply


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More BabyDoge tokens were sent to the project’s official dead wallet. 

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Leading canine-themed crypto Baby Doge Coin (BabyDoge) continues to record massive burns daily. In a tweet today, Baby Doge Coin incinerated a whopping 12,608,955,771,906 (12.6 trillion) tokens from its total supply in the past 24 hours. The tokens were worth $16,972 at the time of the announcement. 

BabyDoge Burns 

Baby Doge Coin burns have gained momentum in recent weeks. The number of BabyDoge incarcerated daily has surged, as the team behind the project rolls out new ways to burn BabyDoge. 

Following the launch of Baby Doge Swap, the native decentralized exchange of the project, the team announced it would use a part of the DEX fees to buy and burn BabyDoge

Since the announcement was made, trillions of BabyDoge have been sent to a dead wallet. According to Burn BabyDoge, the Twitter accounts that track all ongoing burn efforts of the cryptocurrency, 199,257,919,697,287,872 (199.25 quadrillions) tokens, representing 47.442% of Baby Doge Coin’s total supply, have been incinerated so far. 

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New Burn Plans Unveiled

It does not seem like the team is planning to slow down the ongoing burn program for BabyDoge. TheCryptoBasic reported last week that Baby Doge Coin is planning to launch a burn portal. Baby Doge Coin made this known in a tweet, asking the community to propose ways it can adopt to encourage people to burn the token

It is noteworthy that BabyDoge burn initiatives have not gone unnoticed. Last month, Baby Doge Coin was ranked as the top cryptocurrency project with the highest burn rate

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