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FIFA Launches Four Blockchain Games Ahead of 2022 World Cup


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FIFA has unveiled four blockchain-based Web3 games as the world moves closer to the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

With the opening ceremony for the 2022 World Cup only ten days away, FIFA has recently unveiled four unique blockchain-based games to bring the Web3 experience to the global scene as it looks to entertain and engage football fans around the world ahead of the World Cup.

FIFA described the four games as “future-focussed” in an official announcement Wednesday and highlighted the growing importance of gaming and esports. The blockchain-based games will be powered by video game studios Uplandme, Phygtl, Altered State Machine, and Matchday.

The first game on the list is “AI League: FIFA World Cup Qatar Edition,” developed by Altered State Machine. The game features a 4-on-4 playing experience as it allows users to act as coaches on a football field populated by players controlled by AI.

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Players get to improve in-game characters with power-ups and training sessions and develop relevant tactics, as evident in a conventional footballing experience. The ability to trade characters within a player’s team also exists, and the in-game fields feature stylized streetball locations across the globe.

The second game is Uplandme – FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. Upland already exists as a leading Metaverse game that allows users to trade properties in the Metaverse and develop themselves into real estate moguls.

The FIFA World Cup edition will include a feature that enables procuring digital collectibles related to the 2022 World Cup. These collectibles would include digital versions of highlights from the tournament. The game will also introduce the virtual version of the FIFA World Cup Lusail Stadium, as users can travel to it in the Metaverse and shop for items.

The third is Matchday Challenge: FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Edition which allows players to predict the outcomes of games amongst their friends through the use of football cards.

The last game is Phygtl – FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. The Phygtl mobile application will enable users to generate, augment and own a limited fragment of a “golden-globe-football.”

Amidst surging global adoption from top brands, the blockchain space has begun capturing the attention of FIFA, as evident in recent developments. FIFA has especially taken an interest in the Metaverse. In October, the international football governing body announced a multi-year partnership with video game developer Roblox which would allow Roblox users and football fans to access the virtual FIFA World environment.

As a testament to its growing interest in blockchain and cryptocurrencies, in March, FIFA revealed that Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange Crypto.com will act as an official sponsor of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

Additionally, in May, reports of a FIFA partnership with PoS blockchain protocol Algorand surfaced. The partnership will establish Algorand as the official blockchain partner for FIFA, allowing the blockchain protocol to drive FIFA’s blockchain-based engagements.

FIFA is inclined to develop a digital asset strategy, and, as a consequence of the partnership, Algorand has been positioned as the blockchain solution to assist the football governing body in that dream.

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