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Ripple (XRP) Investors Likely To Buy Into Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) After SEC Lawsuit


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The Ripple (XRP) lawsuit continues to drag on as the SEC, who filed against Ripple all the way back in 2020, continues to use every trick in the book to delay things further. So much so, in fact, that it has unsettled the XRP crowd due to the lack of momentum the lawsuit represents until a conclusion is reached. This has investors looking at a new project in the first stage of its presale — Orbeon Protocol (ORBN). Keep reading to see why many XRP holders are making the jump to ORBN to increase their profits as the project prepares to see a 6000% increase during presale.


Ripple’s XRP – Are The Largest Gains Now Gone?

There’s no question that for those who got in early enough, XRP has seen a huge jump in price. Starting out at $0.10, it dropped significantly in the early days, making the token available for as little as $0.006. For those who got in at the lowest levels, the rise to its highest price to date would have seen significant profits.

Despite the initial success XRP has been trading in a narrow band as Ripple slowly does battle with the SEC. The questions for many holders, though, are: will Ripple win, and even if they do, what will it do to the price?

There’s no doubt that we can expect a boost to the price of XRP if Ripple wins the lawsuit. More and more XRP holders are realizing that, with Ripple making slow progress towards victory, there are other projects available for investment that could potentially offer a much quicker return on investment.

Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) – A More Dynamic Alternative

Orbeon Protocol is making waves across the venture capital industry and investors are swarming the project for its unique, real-world use cases. Functioning as a decentralized investment platform, Orbeon Protocol allows businesses to gain funding much more easily and everyday investors to get access to these exciting early-stage projects.

This is possible as startups on the Orbeon platform are minted as fractionalized NFTs, which can be purchased as a form of investment for  as low as $1. This allows everyday investors to access the previously-gated venture capital market, whilst providing startups the opportunity to raise capital quickly.

This is why many with close ties to Ripple can see Orbeon Protocol has huge potential. Notably, the native ORBN token is seeing huge demand as it provides holders with immense utility through the bonuses granted to holders, such as transaction fee discounts and governance rights. With the token price so low in the presale, the immense gains could be on show in a short matter of time for presale investors. In fact, market analysts are forecasting a 6000% increase ORBN’s price just during the presale.

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