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StreamCoin Releases Eco-friendly “Green NFTs” In Partnership With One Tree Planted


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As part of its collaboration with One Tree Planted, the blockchain company StreamCoin has announced the launch of a new environmental initiative to further its sustainability commitment.

In its efforts toward contributing to a greener and more sustainable planet, StreamCoin is planning to launch a range of nonprofit initiatives to support global reforestation. The proceeds collected from these initiatives will be donated to One Tree Planted, helping the organization in its reforestation efforts.

Through this environment-friendly drive, StreamCoin also strives to shed light on the capability of NFTs as a means for good. Michael Ein Chaybeh, Chief Executive Officer at StreamCoin, explains more about the company’s initiative:

“We aim with this initiative to show how NFTs can be used to make environmental and social change on a global scale. I believe that the Green NFTs we created in partnership with One Tree Planted will be a great leap toward expanding the utility of NFTs to help the environment.”

StreamCoin reinstates that the collection is created solely for nonprofits, with the Green NFTs having 0% royalties and not being resalable. When donors purchase Green NFTs, the item will be viewed as their proof of donation.

Speaking on the benefits of NFTs, the company elucidates that using NFTs to support good causes can ensure transparency for the donors, organizations, and other parties involved. The funds can be tracked and monitored on the blockchain, as the payments for NFTs are also made using cryptocurrencies.

Each Green NFT is priced at approximately $10 in STRM, with each item used for donation contributing to planting ten trees by the organization—as it plants one tree for each $1 received. Based in Vermont, USA, One Tree Planted is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit devoted to helping the environment with its widescale reforestation projects.

Ashley Lamontagne, a forest campaign manager at One Tree Plante, commented on the partnership:

“We appreciate the support of StreamCoin and all the great work we will be able to do as a result of this partnership. Through their contributions we will be able to plant more trees where they are needed most and further our goal of global reforestation.”

To donate to One Tree Planted with Green NFTs, interested users can find the nonprofit items in the ‘One Tree Planted” collection on STRMNFT—StreamCoin’s own marketplace for NFTs.

More about StreamCoin can be found on its official website and social media:









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