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Hoskinson Slams Critic, Says His Predictions for Cardano “Came True”

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Hoskinson knocks a troll by highlighting Cardano’s achievements.

Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, is a cryptocurrency entrepreneur who is not afraid to address critics while giving them a dose of their medicine. Hoskinson recently slammed a critic who mocked him for not keeping to his words and not living up to the expectations of Cardano users.

The critic, who goes by the pseudonym Mr. Charles, shared a screenshot of a 2020 tweet made by Hoskinson. In the tweet, Hoskinson assured Cardano enthusiasts that the leading blockchain projects will achieve significant milestones the following year, including having thousands of decentralized applications and hundreds of assets with lots of utilities.

“Blah blah blah more under promises, Under deliver Brother,” the critic captioned Hoskinson’s prediction for 2021.

Hoskinson Blasts the Troll With Facts

After the post got nine retweets and 20 likes, Hoskinson gave a resounding reply to silence the critic. Responding to the tweet, Hoskinson noted that the great irony of the “babbling i*iots” happily retweeting the post is that his predictions for Cardano came to pass.

According to Hoskinson, the Cardano network boasts 6 million native assets and 3.6 million wallets, and more than 100 decentralized applications, with over 1,000 dAps currently being developed.

“So yeah it actually came true. Please tell the world that you’re stu**d,” Hoskinson said.

Hoskinson is known for always responding to criticism regardless of who the critic is. His response is mainly focused on criticisms that undermine the Cardano project’s progress and achievements.

In the past few months, Hoskinson has engaged in a war of words with Terra founder Do Kwon and Mike Novogratz, the CEO of Galaxy Digital.

During the period when Solana was faced with a network outage, Hoskinson recommended an old Nintendo game fix to Solana developers as a possible way to fix the problem.

Cardano Records Significant Milestones

Cardano has recorded significant milestones over its more than five years of existence. It is noteworthy that Cardano has not experienced any downtime since going live in 2017. This feat is a result of the unending developments being conducted by the professionals at Input Output Global (IOG), the company responsible for Cardano’s research and development.

Interestingly, the IOG has continued to make important additions to the team. Earlier this month, TheCryptoBasic reported that Dr. Vanishree Rao, the lead developer of Mina Protocol, joined the Cardano team as Head of CryptographyCardano has frequently led other top cryptocurrency projects like Ethereum and Solana in development activities.

Furthermore, Cardano’s unending growth has also helped the project to rank ahead of thousands of cryptocurrencies in terms of social and market activities.

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Lele Jima
Lele Jima
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