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BabyDoge DEX Launching New Feature To Estimate How Many Tokens Will Burn From Every Swap 


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BabyDoge DEX will soon launch a new feature to estimate how many tokens will burn from each swap.

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In a tweet today, Baby Doge Coin said it would soon roll out a new feature on Baby Doge Swap to estimate the number of tokens that will burn through each swap. The upcoming feature will provide an estimate of how many BabyDoge tokens will burn from each swap on the DEX. 

“New Feature coming. Each swap on #BabyDogeSwap will estimate how many #BabyDoge will be burned,” BabyDoge noted in a tweet

Notably, the new feature will apply to all trading pairs on Baby Doge Swap, including USDT/BNB. 

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BabyDoge Ongoing Burn Campaign

Baby Doge Coin is focused on reducing the supply of the cryptocurrency via an ongoing burn campaign in a bid to boost the price of the token. It is worth mentioning that the team behind the canine-themed cryptocurrency has been using a portion of Baby Doge Swap fees to buy and burn BabyDoge

Billions of BabyDoge tokens are being sent to the project’s official dead wallet hourly. According to @BabyDogeburn_, a Twitter handle that tracks all BabyDoge burns, a total of 6,323,487,145,295 (6.32 trillion) BabyDoge tokens worth around $7,032, were incinerated in one day. 

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So far, a total of 199.4 quadrillion BabyDoge tokens have been incinerated from the asset’s total supply of 420 quadrillions. 

Baby Doge Coin Planning to Accelerate Token Burns

Despite the massive amounts of BabyDoge incinerated, the team is still considering new ways to accelerate burns. Last month, the team revealed plans to launch an official burn portal, allowing users to burn some of their BabyDoge holdings. Baby Doge Coin called on the community to suggest ways it could adopt to incentivize users who participate in the program. 

“If we made a burn portal, what are some creative ways we could incentivize users to burn more tokens? Ideas include: an NFT, and tiers of NFTs received for burning tokens. We want to hear your ideas!” the BabyDoge team said. 

Meanwhile, BabyDoge is changing hands around $0.000000001119, up 2% in the past 24 hours.

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