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Ripple Unlocks 900M XRP From Escrow After Two Months Pause


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Ripple resumes monthly XRP unlock.

Ripple today resumed its monthly XRP escrow unlocks after an unexplained two months break.

Per tweets from the crypto blockchain tracker, Whale Alert, the payments firm, unlocked 900 million XRP in two transactions. Notably, Ripple released 400 million XRP in the first transaction and 500 million in the second.

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It is the first time Ripple has released XRP in escrow since September. The firm unexplainably failed to do so in October and November. Instead, in November, it uncharacteristically locked 1.2 billion XRP in escrow without first releasing any tokens.

At one point, it bears mentioning that Ripple held 55 billion XRP, about 55% of all XRP. To quell investor fears that the company could one day dump all of this XRP on the market, effectively rugging the project and tanking the value, Ripple placed this holding in 55 time-based escrow accounts, each holding 1 billion XRP. The move ensured that the supply of XRP grew and a steady and predictable rate. In addition, from this released sum, Ripple provided liquidity for the users of its On-Demand Liquidity service and bought back the rest to lock up in escrow again.

Usually, after each escrow unlocks, the firm buys back and locks up around 800 million XRP not needed by ODL partners. The reason for the pause in October and November remains unknown. However, it is worth noting that as part of its Q3 report, Ripple said it owned less than 50% of the XRP supply for the first time in its history, citing increased adoption. 

It bears mentioning that demand for the Ripple ODL service has grown exponentially, so the need for XRP liquidity should rise in tandem. According to a recent report, it now serves about 40 pay-out markets representing approximately 90% of the FX markets.

Notably, at inception, the Ripple escrow unlocks faced a lot of resistance as it placed sell pressure on the asset price. However, the latest unlock appears to have had little impact as people understand the process more. XRP is trading at the $0.4021 price point, down only 0.04% in the last 24 hours, with a circulating supply of 50.29 billion XRP.

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