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Terra Classic Developers Cease Support For Terra Station To Divert Focus To Rebel Station


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Terra Rebels will no longer perform updates for the Terra Station.

Terra Rebels will no longer be providing support for the Terra Station wallet. Instead, they will be focusing efforts on the Rebel Station wallet.

Community influencer and network validator Classy first disclosed the information in a tweet yesterday, sharing Discord messages for Terra Rebels admin ClanMudhorn. Per the messages, Terra Rebels have handed over the support of Terra Station to TerraCVita, another independent developers group.

Notably, @reXxTerraRebels, AKA reXx, confirmed the report in a tweet today. “Terra Rebels will no longer be updating Terra Station moving forward,” reXx tweeted.

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The decision comes after the risks of Terra Classic’s dependence on Terraform Labs’ infrastructure came to the fore as continued TFL support of Terra Station was recently threatened. Notably, plans to transition to an Interchain Station wallet to support the entire Cosmos ecosystem threatened to end Terra Classic’s Station support by December 15. While the Terra Rebels have always planned to make the Classic chain as independent as possible from TFL infrastructure, recent events may have sped up the timeline.

Consequently, the Terra Rebels are also working to make the Rebel Station independent of TFL infrastructure. In a proposal reported yesterday, the developers’ group submitted a budget of $150k to cover two months of work to achieve this fully. Per tweets from the developers yesterday, they have already integrated TFL independent endpoints for the Rebel Station using Terra Rebel LCD clusters instead of TFL LCDs.

Terra Classic Core developer Edward Kim in a Twitter thread yesterday clarifying the situation of things, urged members of the Terra Classic community to avoid vilifying groups within or outside the network. According to the developer, the network should move onward using this time to learn and fix things.

Unsurprisingly, recent developments have left a sour taste in the mouths of several community members, as some believe that the Terra Rebels may be acting maliciously.

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