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Deaton Dismisses Claims That He’s On Ripple Payroll, Says ‘I Don’t Defend Ripple, I Defend Truth’


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Deaton asserts that he is not on Ripple’s payroll.

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CryptoLaw founder Attorney John E. Deaton took to Twitter today to debunk claims that he is on Ripple’s payroll.

The lawyer disclosed this in response to direct messages and emails he has received in response to his threads on XRP and Ripple. According to Deaton, these emails and messages suggest he is on Ripple’s payroll.

However, Deaton, who represents thousands of XRP holders as a friend of the court in the US Securities and Exchange Commission case against Ripple, has said these narratives are false.

“I don’t defend Ripple; I defend the truth and the facts,” Deaton tweeted. “Notice that when I do a [thread] I cite actual facts.”

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The lawyer iterates that he does not respond to “fair criticism,” citing complaints that Ripple executives gifted themselves too much XRP or that Ripple holds too much XRP. However, he asserts that he points out “indisputable truths” when influential individuals like MicroStrategy’s Michael Saylor claim that Ripple executives committed fraud.

“But if someone like saylor goes on a top podcast like Patrick bet-david as he did recently, and he claims that Ripple or bgarlinghouse etc. committed fraud or deceived or misrepresented the public, implying the case against Ripple involves fraud – I simply state the truth.”

It bears mentioning that Deaton has lent his voice and platform in favor of Ripple and the XRP community on multiple occasions during the two-year-long legal battle with the SEC. Most recently, in a long thread, the lawyer explained why he believes the SEC has a slim chance of winning against Ripple executives on aiding and abetting charges.

Today, Deaton explains that he lends his voice to these matters not for Ripple but for XRP holders. As the lawyer explains, false narratives negatively impact the bags of XRP holders.

“… I don’t claim Ripple is w/o criticism. I simply point out indisputable truths which cause some people to say “you’re defending these guys so you must be on their payroll.

I point out these facts, not for Ripple, but for XRP Holders, who’s property is being impacted by the fud, mistruths and false narratives promulgated by people who are intentionally misleading or, they don’t know what they’re talking about – even if technically ascientist.

Additionally, he points out that he has been appalled by how the SEC has handled the case against Ripple, a sentiment that, as Deaton points out, is shared by Judge Sarah Netburn.

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