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John Richmond Confirms “Creating Different Versions” of Shiba Inu Themed T-shirts


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John Richmond is calling for suggestions to improve its clothing brand.

John Richmond, a prominent English-Italian fashion brand, is on a mission to improve the quality of its clothing line. @JRichmondstyle, the official Twitter handle of the popular fashion designer, took to the social media platform today to ask Shiba Inu enthusiasts to suggest ways to make the brand better.

John Richmond also requested the crypto community to indicate the type of design they would like to see in upcoming apparel.

“Hey fashion and crypto lovers, we need your help to make our brand John Richmond even better. Tell us what you love and what you want to see in our clothing items,” @JRichmondstyle tweeted. 

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The prominent fashion designer added that SHIB enthusiasts and other crypto lovers should drop their suggestions in the comment section. The fashion brand said it would go through the comments and select the best ideas.

Shiba Inu Enthusiasts Request Different Designs

Following the recent tweet, several John Richmond followers took advantage of the opportunity to request their favorite design. A Twitter user and Shiba Inu enthusiast with the username @MrBowtie007 suggested that John Richmond design a basic T-shirt with the JR logo and a SHIB theme.

The user said the T-shirt should come in four designs each for BONE, LEASH, Shiba Inu digital landowners, and SHIB NFT (Shiboshi) holders. @MrBowtie007 also suggested John Richmond include a Shiba Inu-based proof of ownership in each design.

Responding to the suggestion, the fashion designer said he likes the idea of a basic T-shirt, with the JR logo and a SHIB theme. John Richmond added that the brand had begun creating different versions of the T-shirt.

“We are already working on creating different versions of the T-shirt.”

Another SHIB enthusiast requested Shiboshi-themed ties, umbrellas, and socks. John Richmond bought the idea and said the team would consider it.

John Richmond and Shiba Inu Partnership

Recall that John Richmond partnered with the Shiba Inu team earlier this year to launch an exclusive clothing line for the leading canine-themed crypto project. Interestingly, some of John Richmond’s Shiba Inu-themed clothes were featured at Milan Fashion Week and Shanghai Fashion week, with the latter hosting an exclusive cocktail party for SHIBArmy.

While John Richmond and Shiba Inu’s clothing line is not yet available online, the fashion brand has not stopped unveiling new product designs. Two days ago, John Richmond shared a design of a new fragrance for men, dubbed Black Metal.

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