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Binance Moves Over 1.89 Trillion Shiba Inu


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Over 1.89 Trillion SHIB was moved by Binance.

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In the past 24 hours, Binance moved hefty Shiba Inu tokens to various external wallets and another exchange. Etherscan data shows that Binance moved a whopping 1,896,625,902,168 (1.89T) Shiba Inu tokens over the past 24 hours. 

Transactions Details

According to data from Etherscan, a pseudonymous, deep-pocketed Shiba Inu investor, dubbed “marsbrothers.eth”, scooped a whopping 336,292,667,662 (336.29B) SHIB tokens worth $3.07M. The tokens were moved from one of the Binance-associated wallets, tagged “Binance 15”, on December 13 at 09:38 AM (UTC). Despite the massive volume of SHIB tokens moved, the transaction incurred a fee of $1.09. At press time, “marsbrothers.eth” holds 336.29B SHIB.

Eighteen hours ago, an unnamed Ethereum whale moved $704.5K worth of Shiba Inu tokens. Etherscan data shows that the anonymous whale added a staggering 77,000,250,000 (77B) SHIB from a Binance-associated wallet named “Binance 14” on December 13 at 12:38 PM (UTC). Four minutes later, the same anonymous Ethereum whale moved its entire SHIB holdings to San Francisco-based exchange Coinbase. When writing this line, the unnamed whale now holds 0 SHIB.

SHIB Transfer Within Binance

Interestingly, Etherscan recorded a massive transfer of 1 trillion Shiba Inu tokens from one Binance-associated wallet to another. On December 13, at 01:48 PM, one of the Binance-associated wallets, named Binance 28, moved 1T SHIB worth $9.15M to another Binance-linked wallet, Binance 14. In the hours leading up to press time, Binance 14 holds a total of 440,953,653,304 (440.95B).

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In a similar transaction, Etherscan data shows that a Binance-linked wallet, Binance 14, transferred 333,333,327,752 (333.33B) SHIB, worth $3M, to another address owned by the exchange, Binance 15. . As of press time, Binance 15 holds a total of 234.12B SHIB.

Binance Move 150B To Crypto.com

Earlier today, Binance transferred nearly 150B Shiba Inu tokens to a Cryptocom-associated address. The transaction saw Binance 14 move a whopping 149,999,656,754 (149.99B) SHIB to the Crypto.com wallet, dubbed Crypto.com 5.

Cryptocom 5 holds a massive 20,225,562,012,800 (20.2T) SHIB tokens when writing.

Whale Interests in SHIB Spikes Amid Shibarium Expectations

It bears mentioning that the transfer of vast SHIB tokens comes as SHIB enthusiasts continue to anticipate the rollout of Shibarium, an Ethereum scaling solution. The rollout of Shibarium is expected to usher Shiba Inu to a whole new level, thus placing the canine-themed crypto among the top-ranking crypto projects.

It is not surprising to see whale interest in Shiba Inu grow recently. The official launch of Shibarium will likely fuel the price of SHIB, which has suffered heavily from the adverse incidents that have wreaked havoc on crypto, including Terra and FTX collapse.

SHIB is changing hands at around $0.00000916, up 5.12% in the past 24 hours, according to Coingecko data.

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