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Babydoge Burns 4T Coins, Launches Page To Track Real Time Burns


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The recent burn of 4.7 trillion tokens has increased cumulative burns to a staggering 200.5 quadrillion tokens, representing 47.7% of the total supply.

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The BABYDOGE community is not relenting in its quest to reduce the circulating supply of the asset, as burns have remained sustained notwithstanding the prevalent market-wide turmoils. As a testament to the community’s dedication, up to 4,798,745,545,904 (4.7 trillion), BABYDOGE tokens were incinerated in the past 24 hours.

Burn BabyDoge recently disclosed the development – of a community-driven Twitter handle dedicated to tracking Baby Doge burns, notable transactions, and analytics. The handle also revealed that, following the latest batch of burns, total burns so far have been increased to 200,560,640,557,579,744 (200.5 quadrillions) tokens, representing 47.7% of the asset’s total supply of 420 quadrillions.


In a separate tweet, the account further shared an official link to the BabyDogeSwap info page, which provides real-time information on several data regarding the Baby Doge asset, including but not limited to total cumulative burns, liquidity, 24-hour trade volume and the latest 24-hour burns.

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At the time of reporting, data from the info page reveals some interesting metrics. BABYDOGE’s 24-hour trade volume sits at a value of $260.9K, with current liquidity of $28.6M. The chart indicates a massive surge in the asset’s liquidity which was especially predominant at the start of October. Furthermore, the BuyBack and Burn balances are currently $1,076 as of press time.

BABYDOGE is on a Journey to Global Adoption 

The community steadily upheld the campaign to reduce BABYDOGE’s total supply and concurrently improve the asset’s value, as almost 50% of the asset’s total supply has so far been incinerated. The BABYDOGE team announced last month that it would begin a monthly burn initiative on December 1 to bolster burns.

Due to its consistent burns, in October, BABYDOGE was ranked as the asset with the highest burn by crypto research and trading platform HC Capital, as previously reported. The assessment occurred when Baby DOGE’s cumulative burns were at 199.1 quadrillion tokens. In less than two months, 1.4 quadrillion tokens have been incinerated.

Besides its burn campaign, BABYDOGE has been seeing increasing attention from exchanges as it moves toward global recognition. Last Wednesday, The Crypto Basic disclosed that the asset was listed by Singapore-based exchange BingX on its spot market. This development followed listings from several exchanges, such as Deepcoin and ProBit global.

In three tweets long Twitter thread, baby dog mentioned their accomplishment.


The BabyDoge Burn also handle recently revealed an increase in the number of BABYDOGE holders, as ten new holders were added to the network in the past hour, bringing the total holders to 1,647,120.

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