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Hoskinson Says XRP Community is Toxic and Petty, Ripple CTO Responds


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Charles Hoskinson’s contemporary take on the XRP community comes shortly after he noted that he would no longer be commenting on XRP-related happenings.

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On Dec 17th, Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, reiterated his displeasure at the sort of reception his comments on XRP and Ripple have invited from the XRP community. According to Hoskinson, his decision to refrain from making any further remarks on XRP-related happenings is based on an assertion that the XRP community is “toxic and petty.”

Hoskinson said this while replying to comments made by the official account of the 3T Warrior Academy Research Team. The handle expressed criticism at Hoskinson’s decision to stop commenting on all things XRP.

“This speech is similar to stating he will never again go to a conference where Bitcoin developers are also invited because some holders insulted him on Twitter.”

In response, Hoskinson noted that he plans to cut off anything related to XRP from his conversations and move on from it, stating that it is pointless to invite toxicity to one’s life. According to him, XRP does not provide any technical value, and the community is “toxic and petty.”

“There is no point inviting toxicity into your life. It’s abusive and pointless. Even in saying it now there are mocking baby memes. Life is too short. Move on and cut it out. XRP provides no partnership or technical value. The community is toxic and petty. I can live without it,” the 35-year-old American entrepreneur said in a Saturday tweet.

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The latest comments have attracted mixed reactions from XRP proponents and critics alike. Notwithstanding the wave of replies, Hoskinson has chosen to reply to every remark with “No comment.”

In particular, David Schwartz, Chief Technology Officer, and Chief Cryptographer at Ripple, advised Hoskinson not to make hasty comments based on the matter. Schwartz urged Hoskinson to reconsider his words after a few days.

“You may want to wait a few days, read this tweet back, and think about whether you’re sure that’s the combination of things you really want to say,” Schwartz advised.

But Hoskinson replied to Ripple CTO with the usual “No comment” remark.

Hoskinson’s Decision to not Comment on XRP-Related Happenings¬†

As reported by The Crypto Basic, Hoskinson took to Twitter last Friday to disclose his decision not to comment on XRP-related happenings following the backlash from certain XRP proponents over his remarks on a possible December 15 settlement. He noted that his words were misconstrued by the media and made him look like a liar after the December 15 settlement failed to materialize.

In response to the backlash received, Hoskinson noted that he would no longer comment on anything related to XRP, as he would be cutting the community off. According to him, despite supporting Ripple in the legal battle with the U.S. SEC, he will remain mum, when questions on Ripple and XRP arise. “I’m just going to say, ‘no comments,'” he concluded. Hoskinson’s decision has not been received well by both XRP and ADA proponents.

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