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Desider Will Build The First Web3 Space Miniature Wargame Based On Tot


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Recently, Desider’s ToT (Token of Things & Things of Token) project won second prize in the ENCODE x STARKNET autumn hackathon. In the future, the ToT will become the core of the miniature wargame and serve as the cornerstone of Desider ecology.

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A multi-civilization universe on Web3

Humanity’s fantasy of a space civilization has never ceased, nor has players’ enthusiasm for it ever waned. However, the monopoly of core IPs has prevented innovation in this field. Fortunately, we now have the opportunity to build a new multi-civilization universe with a new set of collaborative community co-creations on Web3.

The vast Desider universe derives from numerous civilizations — the United Star Nations across the Milky Way; the Genien Empire evolving endlessly; the Cuber Dwarf building Cuber Planets, the Ya’Loong hiding in peace, and those Chronables summoning their fellows infinitely. All civilizations compose a symphony of legendary grandeur.

About the team and the Decentralized Domain

Desider’s team brings together professionals from all over the world in various fields. The founder is one of the most successful social gaming entrepreneurs, with nearly 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship and investment in the Internet industry. Desider’s co-founders are senior practitioners in the IoT and investment sectors. The technical director has 14 years of development experience in the world’s leading internet companies and successful GameFi development experience. This March, the team closed a nearly one-million-dollar seed round of funding.

The traditional IP authorization model is dictatorial and rigid and fails to reflect the privilege of holders, which is unsuitable for creating a real decentralized IP. The Desider team has developed an entirely new concept – the Decentralized Domain. When the author declares that a work enters the decentralized domain, he/she will no longer own the copyright. Instead, the holder of the NFT will own the full commercial use rights of this NFT and all commercial use rights of all other NFTs in this NFT collection, except for the PFP social avatar rights. Desider believes this approach will create a truly decentralized way of holding the copyright, enabling a co-creative and communal community creation model.

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Pioneer in a virtual-real metaverse

Virtual and reality are entirely different boundaries. However, Desider believes that the integration of virtual and reality is an inevitable trend and is committed to promoting this vision. For instance, physical objects can be connected to the virtual world by implanting chips, and meanwhile, virtual objects can be integrated into reality through AR technology.

Desider will be the first touch to earn gameplay, where physical models can be assembled and colored to feature a large tabletop wargame. Players are rewarded with tokens by getting close to physical models with their mobile phones. In addition, Desider uses a core set of rules that support both tabletop and online matchmaking, with high-definition 3D models that connect to the online GameFi for a metaverse.

NFTs based on space civilizations

Desider will issue NFTs to create a representative color of each civilization in space. The first batch of Desider NFT – Space Ranger will mint next February. Space Ranger, the most prominent mercenary organization with the “Ranger Creed” in human society, was born in the early Expedition Era. They protect humans in massive space migration but also confront each other with different hosts. For more information on the Space Ranger NFT, please follow Desider’s Discord and Twitter.

Desider puts community building at its core and has launched a mini-game, “Desider Arena” on Discord, where players can freely recruit teams from different camps and fight for glory. Join now to be one of the community’s early bird builders and receive great rewards!

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