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Voting For The First Songbird Test Proposal Begins Next Week On The Flare Portal


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The test proposal voting represents community members’ first chance at using the recently-launched Flare Portal.

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The Flare Networks team will be allowing users to utilize the recently-launched Flare Portal next week, as it plans to open up voting on the first Songbird (SGB) test proposal, dubbed Songbird Test Proposal 01 (STP.01). The announcement comes a few days after STP.01 went live on GitHub.

According to a recent tweet from the Flare team, you are advised to wrap your Songbird tokens before Saturday to leverage the opportunity to vote on the test proposal next week. In contrast, community members who have already wrapped their SGB tokens are not expected to carry out other tasks.

“Voting on Songbird Test Proposal 01 starts next week on Portal.Flare.Network. Please ensure your SGB tokens are wrapped before this Saturday if you would like to participate in the vote. If they are already wrapped, even if delegated to the FTSO, then no action is needed,” the team disclosed in a tweet Thursday.

Furthermore, the team revealed a roadmap detailing a timeline for executing the steps necessary to launch and open up the Flare Portal for public usage. These include:

  • December 17: The Songbird Test Proposal 01 goes live on GitHub.
  • December 21: The Flare team officially launches the Flare Portal (Flare.Network.Live).
  • December 23: Deadline for wrapping your SGB tokens to participate in the vote next week.
  • w/c December 26: In the week starting from December 26, voting for STP.01 will commence. The team has promised to announce the exact date soon.
  • w/c January 2: In the week starting from January 2, voting for STP.01 will end exactly a week after it started.

The Flare Portal

The team introduced the Flare Portal to eliminate user dependence on smart contracts when accessing Flare or Songbird services. STP.01 serves as a test proposal to launch the portal. According to an official article, STP.01 will be used as a test run ahead of the vote on the first official Flare Improvement Proposal next year.

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Voting on the portal will be carried out using SGB, which a previous report reveals has yet to be distributed to eligible XRP holders on Coinbase. 

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