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New Terra Classic Layer 1 Team Formed By Edward Kim and Zaradar Releases First Proposal


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New Terra Classic Layer 1 Team in progress.

The Layer 1 team formed by Edward Kim and Zaradar has released its first proposal, outlining their tasks for the next three months and the required budget.

The new Terra Classic Layer 1 team, dubbed the “Joint L1 Task Force,” has released its first proposal, shared by Terra Classic core developer Edward Kim in a tweet today.

Recall that on Tuesday, The Crypto Basic reported speculation that Edward Kim and fellow core developer Tobias Andersen, AKA Zaradar, were working on a new Layer 1 development team. The proposal today shared by Edward Kim confirms this development.

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In the short term, the team will be contracted to perform “essential maintenance upgrades,” as the proposal extensively outlined for the next three months. To this end, the team submits a budget of over $141.75k to cater to four senior developers (2 working part-time), one admin, and two junior developers, with an additional provision for necessary software tools these developers will employ. See the compressed breakdown below:

  • Zaradar (senior developer, full-time) – $12.5k × 3 = $37.5k 
  • 1 Notional Labs developer (senior developer, full-time) – $12.5k × 3 = $37.5k 
  • Fragwuerdig (senior developer, part-time) – $6.25k x 3 = $18.75k
  • Edward Kim (senior developer, part-time) – $6.25k x 3 = $18.75k 
  • Admin – $2.5k × 3 = $7.5k 
  • Junior Developers – $2.5k × 2 × 3 = $15k 
  • Tooling budget – $750 per senior developer, assuming the equivalent of 3 senior developers for three months = $6.75k 

Notably, the proposal requests monthly payments after relevant milestones have been reached upon the approval of a “community oversight committee” and the Terra Grants Foundation.

PFC (@PFC_Validator), StrathCole (@ColeStrathclyde), and DJ Trev Market Talk (@edTreb001) have all agreed to be part of the oversight committee per a tweet from Zaradar yesterday. Participating in a bi-weekly sprint, the committee will provide feedback to the community and offer guidance to the Layer 1 task force.

Several community members have already thrown their weight behind the proposal lauding it for its transparency and clarity.

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