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Shibarium Will Not Launch During The Holidays Shiba Inu Lead Developer Confirms


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Kusama says developers will not launch Shibarium during the holidays, urging users to spend time with their families.

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Shiba Inu lead developer Shytoshi Kusama, in a tweet on Saturday, has confirmed that Shibarium will not launch during the holidays.

While the developer asserts that Shibarium will launch “very soon,” he has urged followers to instead focus on spending time with their families during this period.

“Wen Shibarium? Please know it will come very soon*, but not during a crucial time for people to spend with their family (or the resulting New Years party time),” Kusama tweeted. “Enjoy these next days, next year is an important one for humanity.”

However, according to the developer, Shibarium developers may not take a break. “While they rest we work,” Kusama tweeted in response to calls that he should rest during this period.

For context, Shibarium is a Shiba Inu Layer 2 solution. The community has been anticipating the launch for over a year now. While it was supposed to launch in September, technical issues have forced a delay, and the team is yet to set a new launch date.

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In recently leaked Telegram chats, Kusama asserted that the beta launch is close. Notably, developers have taken the first step to launch on beta, as reported by The Crypto Basic last Monday.

Some users now believe that the project is ready and just waiting for a suitable date to launch on the back of Kusama’s latest comments.

Shibarium is supposed to rival Polygon in scalability and security, per statements from enthusiasts.

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