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Digital Ecosystem Currency, GLEEC Coin Gains Listing On Choise


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Gleec coin is the latest cryptocurrency to be listed on Choise.com, adding to the multitude of cryptocurrencies currently trading on the MetaFi platform. 

Gleec, a platform aiming to boost the adoption of cryptocurrencies across the globe, is now listed on Choise.com, formerly Crypterium, as a statement this Wednesday reported. The latest listing of its native currency, Gleec Coin, marks a crucial development in crypto adoption, as both companies target a “broader audience and usability” and enhance Gleec coin’s features and utility to the market. 

According to Gleec coin’s team, the listing will introduce the coin to Choise.com’s huge market of over 750,000 registered users allowing them to trade, buy and sell the cryptocurrency. Notwithstanding, Gleec coin holders can also use the currency with Crypterium’s Visa debit card allowing the holders to convert their cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies. This allows the user to use Gleec coin in their daily-to-day purchases, withdraw cash from ATMs, and complete any other transactions at over 42 million online and offline Visa-accredited merchants globally. 

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The partnership with Choise.com also adds the element of security for users’ funds, with the company securely running for the past five years with no case of hacking or misappropriation of users’ funds, an issue that has raged the crypto community for the past few months. The exchange is built on a MetaFi platform, combining the abilities of a centralized and decentralized exchange to provide an immersive user experience, deep liquidity, and security of funds for all its users. 

Gleec coin holders will join close to one million other users to take advantage of Choise.com’s user-friendly trading platform, earn interest on their holdings, or boost their income with attractive earn products and ultimate security. Simply, the exchange combines the best features of CeFi and DeFi to offer the best user experience to traders. 

Gleec also joins a well-funded exchange that has remained resilient amidst the current bear market conditions. With a turnover of over €230 million in 2021, Choise.com attracted several investors to its fold this year, making it a go-to platform for investors, whether novices or experts. The company has invested over $50 million into the development and upgrade of features over the past five years, building an accessible and sustainable ecosystem for digital assets. 

Finally, the exchange announced it is raising $33 million in extra funding, with $15 million already secured. The funding includes investments from 24 funds in the crypto space, confirming its strong market position in these bearish conditions. Gleec coin’s listing on Choise.com follows listings on other top exchanges including HitBTC, Changelly Pro, FMFW.io, and BitGlobal.  It brings GLEEC into an “innovative digital asset ecosystem giving users greater choice and financial freedom”. 

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