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Hippo Wallet Token (HPO): An Application That Enables Cross-chain, Decentralized Token Transactions


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Hippo Wallet is a decentralized wallet. The utility token Hippo Wallet Token (HPO) was listed on the Coinstore IEO Startup Launchpad on December 28, 2022. Click to subscribe to HPO.

What is the Hippo Wallet and IEO of HPO on Coinstore.com?

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Hippo Wallet is a decentralized, non-custodial digital currency wallet dedicated to providing users with secure wallet management. Hippo Wallet aims to connect users to the decentralized network through unique features that they can benefit from. What makes Hippo Wallet stand out from the competition is its multi-signature, by providing multi-currency, multi-wallet entry to connect to HPO nodes and successfully purchase cryptocurrencies. Users here can experience safer transactions and trusted wallets to store their assets.

As a non-custodial application, Hippo Wallet claims that it does not store any user information, especially its seed phrase and KYC information. This means that each user will be responsible for the safety of their personal property. According to the official, since its launch in early 2022, the Hippo Wallet application has received more than 500,000 downloads.

Just recently on December 28, 2022, Hippo Wallet cooperated with Coinstore.com, which undertook HPO’s Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) and achieved good results. This IEO will run for 48 hours. In just a few hours of writing, the token has sold around 25,000 USDT worth of HPO tokens.

Hippo Wallet Token Overview

Token NameHPO
Total Supply13,333,333,450
Total Circulation27,300,000,000
Minted NetworkEthereum, Binance Smart Chain & Moonbeam
IEO Price of HPO Token1 HPO = 0.003 USDT


What are the utilities of the Hippo Wallet Token (HPO)?

Staking Rewards: Users who stake tokens will be rewarded with HPO tokens. HPO tokens currently allow a 1-month staking period. After the development of the Happo Wallet staking platform is completed, the staking time of 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months will be added.

Pool Swaps: Investors can swap and own HPO tokens in Riverex, Pancakeswap, and Sushiswap’s HPO pools.Trading pool pairs usually include HPO/USDC, HPO/DAI, HPO/BUSD, HPO/SHIB, HPO/DOT, HPO/USDT, etc.

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Governance token: The Hippo Wallet team will invite community token holders to vote on new feature proposals and set HPO as the governance and reward token.

What are the pillars of Hippo Wallet?

HPO Staking Program: Users can earn higher APY by staking HPO for 1, 3, 6, and 12 months.

Decentralized exchange (DEX):After that, Hippo Wallet will build its decentralized exchange, which will make the transaction fee of HPO very cheap.

HPO Bridge: It allows users to transfer their HPO tokens from one blockchain network to another completely free of charge.

Hippo Wallet Official Media Contact

HPO Website| HPO Community Group| Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

About Coinstore.com

Founded in 2020 by well-experienced Fintech professionals from some of the most renowned crypto exchanges, Coinstore.com has amassed over 180 employees worldwide, serving more than 1.5M registered users in 175 countries. Coinstore.com provides global users with speedy, smooth, and secure cryptocurrency trading services, derivative business, OTC services, and NFT services.

As a leading global provider of financial infrastructure and technology in the field of the crypto economy, Coinstore.com aims to become the preferred cryptocurrency trading platform and digital service provider worldwide.

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