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Cardano Leads Overall Development Activity For 2022


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Cardano leads development activity for the second year in a row.

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Cardano has led overall development activity for 2022 despite the bearish market conditions, according to a Santiment Feed insight shared in a tweet today.

The blockchain beat the likes of Polkadot, Cosmos, Ethereum, Internet Computer, Elrond, Flow, Optimism, Aptos, and Polygon, which completed the top 10.

It bears mentioning that Cardano has now achieved this feat for the second time in a row, as it also led the pack in development in 2021. Last year it dwarfed other blockchains with a total development activity count of over 140,000 and over 53 daily active contributors.

Notably, Santiment has yet to release these stats for 2022. However, they can be expected in the crypto analytics firms end of year report.

Meanwhile, Cardano’s ranking comes as no surprise as it led development activity for several months within the year, often consecutively. Most recently, it led in November with a development activity count of  572.67, 17% more than its closest competition, as The Crypto Basic reported.

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Recall that Cardano had what developers described as its most significant upgrade yet with the Vasil hard fork in September. The upgrade has improved the robustness of smart contracts with Plutus version 2. Additionally, it introduced a new cost model making decentralized apps more efficient and cheap to run. All of these came in addition to pipelining which promised to improve the network’s throughput.

Unsurprisingly, there is a flurry of projects building on the network to take advantage of these upgrades. Per Input Output Global’s last weekly development report for the year, 111 projects have launched, and a whopping 1,151 are in development.

In addition, developers are working on Mithril, Cardano’s network optimization solution, and Hydra, Cardano’s scaling solution, which IOG chief Charles Hoskinson said DApps are already integrating, to mention a few.

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