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Cardano Founder Expresses Frustration Over ‘Toxicity And Stupidity’ Of Twitter In Hydra Launch Delay


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Charles Hoskinson Expresses Frustration Over ‘Toxicity And Stupidity’ Of Twitter In Response To Cardano Criticism Over Delayed Hydra Launch.

Hoskinson fires back at critics that do not take the time to study the facts first.

In a Twitter thread today, Charles Hoskinson expressed frustration over what he called “the toxicity and brutal stupidity” of Twitter in response to criticism from a Bitcoin minimalist over the delayed launch of Hydra, Cardano’s Layer 2 scaling solution.

Hoskinson decried that after taking the time to show the links between different systems in the Cardano scaling plan in the video highlighted, the detractor could only draw what he feels is an ignorant and unfounded conclusion. Emphasizing the fact that Hydra is only one piece in the broader scalability plan, the Cardano founder lamented the fact that it is easier to make things up on social media than do the work and study the facts.

It bears mentioning that Cardano is no stranger to criticism in the crypto space, especially for its perceived sluggishness in development. However, in response, Hoskinson has often noted that Cardano developers are working carefully to protect users, highlighting the lack of hacks and downtime on the network.

Notably, as highlighted by the detractor, there is no set release date for the Hydra protocol launch. However, statements from the lead Hydra developer Sebastian Nagel in the original Hydra announcement indicated that the project could launch in late 2022 or 2023.

In March, The Crypto Basic reported that the first Hydra Heads launched on the Cardano public testnet. The scaling solution promises to unlock the full potential of the smart contract functionality that came with the Alonzo upgrade by allowing for parallel transactions and smart contract processing. According to Tweets by Hoskinson today, real applications are already starting to integrate the protocol.

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