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Logan Paul Trolls Coffeezilla After CryptoZoo Investigation


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Both media personalities have relentlessly engaged in a war of words following Coffeezilla’s investigation of CryptoZoo.

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American media personality, podcaster and professional wrestler Logan Paul has swiped at YouTuber and online sleuth Stephen Findeisen, popularly known as Coffeezilla. The move comes amid a heated war of words between both personalities after Coffeezilla revealed unwholesome details about Paul’s play-to-earn game, CryptoZoo.

Paul recently did an impression of Coffeezilla on his Twitter page, captioning the picture with the emojis of a coffee and a cap. As internet slang language goes, the cap emoji is popularly used by online personalities to indicate that a person is lying about something. His audience immediately picked up Paul’s intended message but did not appear pleased with his recent behavior.

Coffeezilla, in particular, responded to Paul’s latest tweet with a comeback remark which many have regarded as “petty but deserved.” “Did you borrow that green screen from someone?” Coffeezilla rhetorically asked. Others have demanded that Paul desist from the ongoing drama and address the CryptoZoo issue, which led to losses in investors’ funds.


CryptoZoo and the Coffeezilla Investigation

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Coffeezilla began an investigative series on Logan Paul regarding the CryptoZoo game two weeks back, beginning with the YouTube video dubbed “Investigating Logan Paul’s Biggest Scam.” 

After 3 videos dedicated to the series, Paul responded last week, stating that Coffeezilla’s claims are false. Additionally, he said he would address the matter further on his podcast IMPAULSIVE on January 3, promising to expose “all bad actors.” Responding to Paul, Coffeezilla noted that the professional wrestler had refused to talk to him for months and is only attempting damage control now that he is “caught.”

Paul later disclosed that he had sent three separate invites to Coffeezilla, requesting that the online sleuth come on IMPAULSIVE to discuss the CryptoZoo situation. Paul noted that he would cover the cost of accommodation and flight. 

In response, Coffeezilla revealed that he had earlier invited Paul to his show but has yet to receive a reply from the media personality. He reaffirmed that he is still willing to discuss the matter, but the discussion will be held on his terms and his show, not IMPAULSIVE.

Recall that Logan Paul introduced his CryptoZoo project in 2020 on an IMPAULSIVE episode. The NFT project, meant to bring in profits for users, eventually led to losses in investors’ funds. Following a period of silence after the crash, Paul came up with claims that the developers were responsible for the implosion. Coffeezilla later debunked the claims.

Notably, this is not the first project Logan has been involved with or promoted that has left investors feeling ripped off. The Coffeezilla series indicates that Paul and his team were too focused on how they could cash in from the game that they ended up failing to make payments to developers and making a mess of the actual game, which is not functional to date.

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