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Shiba Inu Developers Debunk False Shibarium Narratives


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Developers debunk false rumors surrounding the Shibarium project.

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Shiba Inu developers using the official Shibarium Network Twitter handle yesterday, debunked false claims surrounding the proposed Layer 2 solution.


It comes as developers continue to tease the Shibarium Beta launch increasing discussions and speculation about the project.

In the thread yesterday, the team clarified that only BONE would be used on the Layer 2 protocol.

No other tokens will be necessary to operate within the protocol,” developers warned.

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In addition, developers noted that they are building the project for the SHIB ecosystem alone, denying dependence on any other token or project.

“Furthermore, and to make it strictly clear: Shibarium has been developed for @Shibtoken and not for the sake of other projects who claim ownership or speculation surrounding its operability dependency on any other tokens,” developers wrote.

Consequently, the team has cautioned users to look for information from official sources alone.

Notably, in the last 2 weeks, prominent developers like Shytoshi Kusama and Trophias have teased a close launch of the beta version of the long-anticipated Layer 2 solution. However, it bears mentioning that developers have been teasing a close launch for over a year. Consequently, some community members have expressed frustration at the prolonged delay.

While the launch was initially set for September, developers asserted that technical issues necessitated a delay. There is currently no official launch date. 

Meanwhile, the team has said it has taken the first step toward the Shibarium Beta launch with recent updates to the official Shiba Inu website. As recently revealed by The Crypto Basic, documentation is the next and potentially final stage for the beta launch, per leaked messages from developers.

Notably, community admins have added a Shibarium announcement channel to the official Discord, as disclosed in a tweet by SHIB BPP (@SHIB BPP).

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